Wildspirational Link Love

I love it when I find posts that make me go YES! or Huh..? or give me some new inspiration, and that has happened a lot these last few days. I’ve been bookmarking them as I found them, and have kept adding them to this list for you to see.

As you probably can see, I’ve started to question the ever-so-holy Law of Attraction a little bit. Not to say I disregard it completely, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask any questions.

So, my dear wildlings… Here you go!


the soul studio: The world needs you self-ish

78 Notes to Self: A Tarot Journal: Chaos Happens, Deal with It

Steve Pavlina: Crossing the Bridge

Frugally Sustainable: How to Grow a Garden… Frugally, Of Course

Love & Anarchy:  Satanic transubstantiation: money IS NOT energy, no matter what LOA gurus say

Spirit Moves Dance: An Epiphany…

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