Trapped Inside a Story

What if I told you

that the world is just a story

told by someone else

believed by many

but not by all


What if I told you

that we could do things differently

more vibrantly

much more beautifully

by choosing our own words


Making our own story


A better one


Would you do it?

Would you recreate your own world?

Would you choose to still be

trapped inside someone else’s story?


Or would you fly free?



0 thoughts on “Trapped Inside a Story

  1. I feel like I’m finally living my own story and loving it.

    This reminds me of something funny though. I read somewhere, what if we’re all characters in a book and when we forget what we’re saying it’s just the author backspacing? 😛

  2. Nienna – beautiful writing. Inspired me to step into my new story of deep self-love and acceptance. It’s actually not that new, about a year old now, but still in the infant stages of learning to love myself first.

    Thank you for this offering.

    With love,

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