Today, I Choose Not to Give. It’s Cave Time.

It’s Monday. What’s more, it’s the first working day of the month.

Today, I should be deeply concerned about what to give in the time to come. How to add value. To my blog readers, to my social media followers, to the whole world.

I have prepared my blog planner, and set up the tables and the keywords and the everything I should be doing. Yet, this morning’s meditation made it perfectly clear to me that this is not the time to give. Anything. To anybody. My body is running on empty. Even as I sit here and type, I can feel a sting of pain on the inside of my hand, and a dull ache  all over. Not too strong to really bother me, but too important to ignore.

And my mind is blank. No, not blank – there are a thousand thoughts spinning round and round in there, but none of them are coherent enough to present to the world yet. Just this one.

Almost every how-to-blog article or ebook out there tells you that you need to provide value and shine your light out into the world. And that is important – but there is another thing that is equally important, especially if you’re an introvert like me.

Cave time.

Time alone in your own head, without having to translate it into meaningful blog posts or updates of any kind, not even for the sake of having a conversation with anybody.

Time alone to just be. To allow yourself to sink down into wordlessness and spiritual reflection, to release the stress, to access the wisdom of your soul, to listen to what it has to say about filling up your inner well before you start pouring it out into the world again.

Time to zone out, to watch a stupid no-brainer comedy and eat candy, log out of your social media accounts, put away your phone, or read something that lights you up. Journal.

Whatever you need.

It’s OK.

You’re allowed to.

And so am I.

I don’t have many plans for today. My morning meditation told me a couple of things I’m going to act upon, such as taking a walk in the wonderful, magical forest that I’m fortunate enough to live nearby. Having a hot bath afterwards, before allowing myself to sink deeply into my soft couch, cuddled in a blanket. Watch a funny movie. And read.

All this without one single, live tweet on my part. Not today.

One of my ever spinning thoughts these days is about dream work, so I’ll download Leonie Dawson’s Divine Dreaming Meditation (affiliate link) to my phone, too, and listen to it after hitting the sack as soon as my body tells me to.

Cave time.

Because I need to.

What do you do when this need arises?


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0 thoughts on “Today, I Choose Not to Give. It’s Cave Time.

  1. This is something that I haven’t done in a little while and seriously need to. It seems that I have lost control of making the choice to take vital care of myself and it is taking its toll in a major way. I’ve been in bed for part of the day today, but it hasn’t been restful. Maybe tomorrow?

    When I do take cave time though, I like to either watch mindless TV and knit or read a good book. Other times it feels good to drag out the sketch paper or a notebook and draw or write. Just depends on the mood. Hope you enjoyed your cave time. I know what you mean about needing it. I’m an introvert too and know how bad it is when you can’t take it.

    1. It sucks when that happens, when you know you need to, but don’t get the opportunity to take care of yourself . It happens to me too, although not that often anymore, luckily.

      Drawing sounds absolutely wonderful, I’ve never tried it in cave time before. Maybe I should! 🙂

      Hope you were able to have a restful day and some much needed cave time!! 🙂

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