Why It’s OK Not to Take Center Stage

This is something that I’ve pondered and played with in my head these lasts months, when in hibernation. Everywhere around me, in blog posts, in forums, in podcasts and in books… the call is going out to women everywhere. Claim your worth. Take on the world and change it. Take center stage!!

And that’s fine.

If you want to be there.

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Taking Back the Word «Should»

Warning: Linguistic nerding ahead!

When I studied linguistics at university college a few years ago, there was this one thing that got repeated over and over again. The word is only a word; it’s just sounds put together to make a unit, and that unit is only a representation of something. The word «cat» is not THE cat, but a symbol and a representation of the common idea of what a cat is. And this is where communication gets tricky. The general idea of the underlying concept has to be present and fairly alike in all who uses that particular word, lest the communication fall completely apart.

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Barefooted Mindfulness

Yesterday, I went for a walk in my magical forest.

I decided to go for a long, nice walk. Barefooted. Or at least, with barefoot shoes on, to protect my skin and to be able to throw my still fairly clean feet on my beige couch when I came home. It still gives you a naked feeling, though. It still makes you feel the ground underneath you, allowing your foot to behave naturally when it hits the ground. I love that about them.
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Enjoy Some Quiet Time with Your Soul

How long has it been since you shut out the rest of the world, tried to silence that inner chatter that always goes on inside your mind and simply enjoyed some quiet time with your soul?

As a mom, a student, a partner and an entrepreneur, I suddenly realized that it has been a while. As a matter of fact, I could hardly remember when I took that time for myself and just allowed myself to BE. Not memorizing facts for my studies, not being on constant alert for my child, and not watching noisy movies with her father. There always seems to be something going on, doesn’t there?

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