Wanted: The Perfect Shoe

I convey this to you with a sigh.

I hate shoes. Very much so. And I hate shopping for shoes even more, because they never ever fit my feet. My arch is too high. My toes get crammed. No support. Too much support, to stiff soles, too soft soles… The list goes on and on and on and on, ad nauseum.

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Barefooted Mindfulness

Yesterday, I went for a walk in my magical forest.

I decided to go for a long, nice walk. Barefooted. Or at least, with barefoot shoes on, to protect my skin and to be able to throw my still fairly clean feet on my beige couch when I came home. It still gives you a naked feeling, though. It still makes you feel the ground underneath you, allowing your foot to behave naturally when it hits the ground. I love that about them.
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My Green Dreams for 2012

So, the first week of 2012 is already over. For me, this week has more or less been the dream week of my life, where I’ve been able to listen to my soul, meditate, immerge myself in my dreams and hopes for this year, and planning how to manifest it all.

I have so many golden green goals for this year. They are not resolutions, mind you, so much as visions – something to move towards to, with a clear intention. I might not get completely there, but I will grow throughout the process and have it be about the journey itself. That way, I won’t crash and burn before we see the end of February.

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Schedule In Nature in 2012!

I know, I know… Those last few weeks have been kinda hectic, right? I totally feel you on that one. It has been hard to keep up with self-care beyond brushing teeth, let alone spending hours alone in the woods walking and meditating. Life gets that way sometimes.

But now, Christmas and New Years are over and done with. 2012 is waiting, fresh and new – and it’s all yours. So grab a cup of tea with me, put on some relaxing music, and I’ll give you my best tips of making sure you get plenty of time to rekindle that connection with nature in the year to come.
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Changing with the Seasons

I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to go for about three months in one mode, with a definitive shift in my body and soul after these months have passed. It has been that way for so many years now, and I just had it down as me being unable to keep stable and patient – but today one thing finally clicked in place for me. What if this three month shift I keep experiencing is actually my body and soul connecting with nature? What if our inner animal simply knows it’s time to change with the seasons, to be able to adapt fully to the life giving nature?

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