Living a Natural Life: the Core Principles

I remember some years ago, when I decided I would live a more natural life… I had the motivation, I had the yearning – but what I didn’t have, was a clue about how this would play out in my every day life. Now, some years into it, I’ve come up with some core principles of living a natural life. They are not complete, by all means, as they are as organic and ever-growing as nature itself, nor are they always possible to apply, but still: one has to have goals and aspirations, right?

So here are my core principles of living a natural life:

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Changing with the Seasons

I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to go for about three months in one mode, with a definitive shift in my body and soul after these months have passed. It has been that way for so many years now, and I just had it down as me being unable to keep stable and patient – but today one thing finally clicked in place for me. What if this three month shift I keep experiencing is actually my body and soul connecting with nature? What if our inner animal simply knows it’s time to change with the seasons, to be able to adapt fully to the life giving nature?

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Why You Should Go Green

Everybody seems to be doing the natural life. You read about it in blogs, hear about it in the news, see it in the grocery bag of the lady in front of you. Some part of you thinks it’s a good idea, of course, and you might feel that you should get into that natural life yourself, but still you hold back a bit, still a bit insecure about why you should go to all that trouble just to follow a trend. Because it is only a trend. Right?

This is a short breakdown of why you should go green.

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How to Connect with Nature During Stressful Times

Living a natural life may not always be as easy as it should be, but the irony of it is that the less you seem to be able to keep up your connection to nature, the more you really need it. We all have dry spells in our lives and times that are more busy than others, but it is so important for your well-being that you keep up your natural lifestyle. Think about it; the more stressed you are, the more your body needs natural foods to cope. And the more mental stress you have in your life, the more important it is to take some time off and catch your breath. This is where your nature connection in everyday life comes in, as, let’s face it: we may not always be able to go for a long walk in nature every day of the week.

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Could You Be Nature Deprived?

A really, really long time ago, we were hunter/gatherers, living with and of nature. We were exposed to the elements, we breathed fresh air, drank clean water and ate natural foods. Then, some 10 000 years ago, we moved into agriculture. That pretty much wreaked havoc to our health, leaving us with tooth decay and a more fragile bone structure. We also became shorter, and archeologists have found that our health in general was declining from that point onward.

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