Goddess Going Green – Again

Forgive me, Mother Earth, for I have sinned…

I have really let my green and lovely habits slip this summer, and I really don’t know why. I suppose I could blame it on the stress. On laziness or perhaps a desire to make family life a little bit easier. It’s kinda hard being the only one who cares, and there has been some conflicts over everything from what we’re having for dinner (and who’s making it), how the dishes are supposed to be cleaned (somehow an antibacterial dish washer soap made it to my kitchen cabinet, while the lovely and natural Ecover version found itself in the basement(!)), and I could just go on and on.

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Natural Home Remedies for the Cold

I just knew something was going on. I woke up early yesterday, and my body was aching all over – a sure sign of my body starting to fight something bad. I get that sometimes, the day before something’s about to hit the other members of my family. One of the wonders of being sensitive to nature, I guess, I feel it in my body ahead of time without actually getting sick myself. And sure enough. Last night my daughter and her father started coughing and sniffing.

What to do? Time to get out the natural home remedies!

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Dealing with PMS Naturally

Today, I’m blogging live from the battle zone of PMS. I attempt to fight this by dealing with the PMS the natural way, and share it with you as I go. Right now I’m in exile in my home office with a shut door behind me, my hair is a mess and I’ve only eaten junk for the last couple of days. That’s really not such a great idea when it comes to keeping your mood stable and nice, so I’ll make that my first point.

Do Eat Well and Befriend Your Blood Sugar

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Why You Should Go Green

Everybody seems to be doing the natural life. You read about it in blogs, hear about it in the news, see it in the grocery bag of the lady in front of you. Some part of you thinks it’s a good idea, of course, and you might feel that you should get into that natural life yourself, but still you hold back a bit, still a bit insecure about why you should go to all that trouble just to follow a trend. Because it is only a trend. Right?

This is a short breakdown of why you should go green.

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Could You Be Nature Deprived?

A really, really long time ago, we were hunter/gatherers, living with and of nature. We were exposed to the elements, we breathed fresh air, drank clean water and ate natural foods. Then, some 10 000 years ago, we moved into agriculture. That pretty much wreaked havoc to our health, leaving us with tooth decay and a more fragile bone structure. We also became shorter, and archeologists have found that our health in general was declining from that point onward.

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