Some Thoughts on Marketing

I was having a conversation about a study topic the other day, which always ends up kinda contradictory and funny when you think about the deconstruction theory and post-structuralism which always lies there as a solid foundation for the study program.

We were discussing something, and the discussion stopped dead at «But… but… it’s TRADE!«.


It is.

But. So much for post-structuralism, huh?

«But as soon as money enter the picture, it gets so ugly and dirty!»

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Are You Creating A Spiritual Class Divide?

The last couple of years I have seen a trend in the spiritual business niche on internet. «Don’t sell yourself short» is the mantra. «Money is just energy». «Claim your worth, you deserve abundance.» And while I actually agree with most of this (except that money is just energy – you can read a thought – provoking piece about that here), I’m getting increasingly concerned about where this is going.

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