DIY Lotion Bars Recipe

This winter and this stress and this total lack of diet intelligence has taken a toll on my skin. Potato chips and coke really don’t do much for your complexion!  And it’s bad enough that I have psoriasis already, but the skin on my calves are looking like eroded earth and I think I’m gonna make a cloud of dust if someone breathes on me.

So the day before yesterday I went into the Chaos That Is My Bathroom Drawer (keep in mind, I just managed to throw everything out of sight after I moved here, to study for my finals instead) and pulled out a body lotion I haven’t used. I quickly remembered why – it was a Christmas present from someone who really don’t know me that well, it really didn’t smell good, and it left a film on my skin instead of penetrating it.

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What to Want for Christmas

Christmas is less than two months away, and many of us have already started the preparations – especially if we aim to make homemade presents this year. But there are also other things to be considered if we want to make Christmas as green and environmental friendly as humanly possible. One of those things is the consumerism and the mentality of having to buy just for the sake of buying itself.

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Why Not Make Homemade Presents for (and with) the Kids This Year?

This afternoon has been quite busy for me, I must admit. You see, I have 4 nieces and one nephew, and three of those are born in October – as well as my own daughter. And as a natural parent (and aunt), I’ve made a point out of only giving the kids handmade presents.


Well, there are many reasons.

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