Breakdown, Regression and a New Insight

So, I listened to Rose Cole’s newest High Priestess call today, a replay which is only a few days old (I never seem to get to listen to those things live). I highly recommend all of her High Priestess calls, by the way, they are so insanely thought provoking and inspirational. I have them all on my cell phone, so every once in a while I go through them. Perfect for long walks in the woods, I reckon. 🙂

This time, what caught my attention, was two things.

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Tribal Mainstream and Self-Sabotage

Have you ever noticed that all your good intentions about eating only healthy and natural foods tend to walk out the door just as you walk into your parent’s or other family member’s home? Or how insanely hard it is to not eat the junk food your sweetheart puts on the table in front of you? We are used to thinking of this as a lack of willpower, but the good (and bad) news is that it might be more to it than that. It actually might be one of our primal instincts taking over the show, and causing us to self-sabotage at that crucial moment.

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Are You Bliss Blocking?

Have you ever wondered why there always seem to be something bad happening whenever things start looking good in your life? I know I have, on more than one occasion. You get a big amount of money, and you are starting to plan the vacation of your dreams – and BOOM, you get into a freak accident with the car, and are left with a bill almost as big as your pay check. There goes the vacation! Or you have met the man of your dreams, you connect deeper than you ever thought possible… and then you all of a sudden end up fighting over something absurdly silly.

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