Spiritual Reasons For Going Green

There are obvious health effects to going green, as well as economic reasons. I’ve already covered many of them in this post right here, but there are also some really good spiritual reasons to enter into the green and natural lifestyle.

And they can all be summed up in one word.


When you are standing barefooted outside, opening yourself up spiritually, you instantly feel connected to everything. You are connected to earth energy, for one, and you are also connected to every living being around you. Plants, birds, bugs, and animal.

You start seeing yourself as part of a big, wonderful web of energy, where each and every movement has an impact on the rest.

And you realize… you’re not alone anymore. You are not disconnected, separated from the rest. How can you be?

It is pure love. Pure connection.

And you are part of it. Giving and receiving, just as all the other creatures around you. You can feel them. They can feel you.

With this, the feeling of being invisible and unimportant vanishes. You find yourself able to see that your actions, big or small, matter. The words you speak matter to those who hear them. The actions you take matter for the environment, for your tribe, for everything.

You matter.

You recognize that the butterfly effect is real. That you are a butterfly.

And you start acting like one.

Responsibly, lovingly, with dignity and integrity.

And your impact gets even bigger.

Everything you do, becomes a spiritual blessing as long as it’s done with intention. Sacred rituals are woven into everyday life and chores. The recycling. The natural home remedies. The natural foods, the herbs you plant and the natural home cleaners. You bless nature and every living creature on it every time you even do the dishes, and you feel so connected to the divinity inside.

You feel deeply connected to the Mother Goddess herself, through your natural lifestyle, enhancing your faith, your strength and your joy of life, every step of the way.



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