Self-Healing by Going Wheat-Free

Today, I have a guest post for you! It’s written by the lovely Pip Miller from Notes From A Wounded Healer.

Over to you, Pip! 🙂

Sometime last year I was feeling horrible. I was really overweight, I had a knee problem that wouldn’t heal, and every movement was a struggle of some sort. Plus I was in low-level pain all the time. Not fun.

Nienna and I met online and she was one of the first people I met who followed a Paleo diet, something I’d read about but didn’t feel up to trying. Give up cheese and butter?? No way! Comments and reviews about the book Wheat Belly kept popping up everywhere, and after reading the blog and all the comments on the FB page, I decided that one I could follow. Just don’t eat wheat. I began at the end of March, deciding that if I didn’t start healing myself soon, I was going to continue to feel worse and worse and I’m only in my 40’s!!

Eating wheat-free has been a joy, though I admit it…I do crave pizza every now and again, and if I give in to that craving, I pay for it the next two days! My knee feels better, I’ve lost 20 lbs without exercising or doing anything else different, and my pain has all but disappeared.

I’ve continued to eat ice cream, the occasional candy bar, and I devour bags of Lay’s potato chips, and it’s been dawning on me that doing so isn’t helping the weight loss, and could be why my remaining pain is still there. A glance in the library yesterday landed on a book called Paleoista, which I promptly snagged. Not far into it, I’ve already decided that Nienna was right and Paleo is the way to go. It would help everyone if they ate the way we are meant to eat: lean meats, seafood, fruits and veggies, nuts, and occasionally honey. Nothing processed, no dairy (how I’m going to give up cheese and butter is beyond me, and I’ll be honest, I may not).

So many of us (we?) women are looking to reconnect with Mother Earth, to become goddesses in our own right, and one of the simplest, best ways to do so is to eat the things that actually *feed* our bodies rather than harm them. We ‘go green’ in many ways, recycling, buying green products, creating new useful items out of old goods…we’re on the right track, but we fail to take that final self-healing, connect-to-Nature, step and eat much, much better than we do.

Let’s be honest, the economies around the world are failing miserably, and if things continue the way they do, it would be in our best interests to already be living as close to Nature and the ‘old ways’ as possible, minimizing the shocks that will resound across the world. Time to plant vegetable gardens (on my list for next year once I figure out how to keep my Marmaduke-sized dog out of them!), get friendly with the neighbor who has those chickens that annoy the bejeezus out of you (but have eggs!!), fish the local streams…go pioneer again.

Not only are we going to feel like true nature goddesses -healthy and productive, but we will be on the cutting edge of the changes that are coming and the shift back towards being more in tune with our surroundings than we’ve been for decades. Basic jist, I’m going Paleo starting today, kids. Wish me well!! *L*


Pip Miller,

Wounded Healer ~ Browncoat ~ Catalyst For Inner Peace ~ Giggle Lover

Notes From A Wounded Healer


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0 thoughts on “Self-Healing by Going Wheat-Free

  1. Oh, in my case, it’s really hard to go with wheat-free diet.
    I really can’t take it. I would give up red meat but not wheat!

    1. I know that feeling, sweetie. But consider this:

      Wheat is addictive in the sense that it comes to dominate thoughts and behaviors. Wheat is addictive in the sense that, if you don’t have any for several hours, you start to get nervous, foggy, tremulous, and start desperately seeking out another “hit” of crackers, bagels, or bread, even if it’s the few stale 3-month old crackers at the bottom of the box. Wheat is addictive in the sense that there is a distinct withdrawal syndrome characterized by overwhelming fatigue, mental “fog,” inability to exercise, even depression that lasts several days, occasionally several weeks. Wheat is addictive in the sense that the withdrawal process can be provoked by administering an opiate-blocking drug such as naloxone or naltrexone.

      Source: Wheat Belly Blog> Wheat is an opiate

  2. Great post and very timely for me as I am doing Leonie Dawson’s Radiant Goddess e-course. For 21 days I’m giving up gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, and also meat, fish and eggs. I LOVE sugar and caffeine and I thought this would be so difficult but I’m surprised by how easy it feels. I haven’t eaten any sugar for 11 days and I don’t even crave it. I think the key is to fill up on really yummy healthy foods so that there is no room for sugary snacks. Anyway, I feel great – both in my body but also in my mind and spirit. I feel so clear and focused.

    Big hugs, Karina

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