Making the Most Out of It

The sun is shining outside.

The snow and ice are melting.

Nature is preparing for springtime.

And all my basic instincts are wild with joy and excitement. Go get some seeds, they scream. Plan the loveliness that will grow in your garden! Go! Go! GO! 😀

Only, this time, I have no garden. And I was prepared to skip this one, just close my eyes and maybe get back on track sometime later when I have managed to find an apartment somewhere, but somehow it seems so completely, insanely impossible to do!

It started the day I went shopping with my 5yo. She spotted some seeds for some beautiful flowers on the shelf, and claimed them instantly as hers. Who was I to say no?

And then, as I was putting away the other things that I bought, I magically stumbled upon a bag of seeds from yesteryear, which I never got around to plant. Salad. Checked the date. Still viable. Hmmm…

As if this wasn’t enough, later I got a link from the Amazing Biz and Life Academy (formerly known as the Goddess Circle)  about a cream I’d maybe want to check out. And they were right, I *do* want to check it out. Only I can’t, because I can’t get it across the border. It has St. John’s Wort in it, and as it has actually been proven effective, we’re not allowed to import anything containing it. Prescription drugs. Only the doctors are allowed to administer it, and… how shall I put this… they are a wee bit more interested in stuffing you full of synthetic chemicals instead, and they have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of herbs.

Funny thing is that St. John’s Wort are growing all over the place anyway. I guess they haven’t heard of the prohibition, huh? Strange!

So, this basically gives me no other choice than to grow whatever I need for myself, to make my own products in the end. And as if the spring wasn’t already calling me like a siren to get on with it, the deep and  devilish need to flip the Government the bird and tell them to go bugger off is sure to do the trick.

I went out to go to the grocery shop to get food today.

I came home with a mini greenhouse. What can I say. 🙂

It fits perfectly in my window shelf, and I actually think I’ll get even more of those to fill it completely up.

Also, I came home with another one of the Rosti Mepal Hydro herbs pots. My aunt got me one for Christmas, and they are absolutely brilliant! You have this stick and this cotton string, and you put the stick with the string into the herb from underneath, and allow the loose ends to hang into the water reservoir, on which you place the herb.

I may not have a garden, but windows and a kitchen bench I will always have. And I shall have herbs!

And finally, I’ve informed my ex that I will keep a patch of his garden when I eventually manage to escape from here, thank you very much. At least I know I will have somewhere to plant my babies when they are ready, even if I’m not able to find myself a place with a garden and even if I’m not even able to put up some boxes or anything anywhere. They can stay here, along with the herbal spiral we built last year. I think it has a few perennials in it, actually, and he has promised to let them be until I come here to harvest them when they are big enough.

So there.

I’m ready. Let the spring begin. 🙂


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