Why I Love My Mooncup

I think this video pretty much sums it up. 😉

I especially like the line about «You’re gross and weird and no one understands you!». Makes me giggle every time. 🙂

But seriously, though.

It’s been 6 years or so since I got my Mooncup, and I’m never going back to tampons or disposable pads again.

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What is a Mooncup?

A Mooncup, my dear reader, is a small menstrual cup made of natural silicon, made to catch your menstrual flow. Yup. You just insert it, and let it sit there while you go about your business, almost like you would a tampon.

With a few differences, of course.

First of all, it’s completely natural. No chemicals, no irritants, no nothing. It’s not even latex, so you needn’t worry about any allergies.

Second; it’s reusable. No unnecessary and potential toxic waste, which means a lot if you care about the planet. Just stop and think about it for a little while… so many women, menstruating every month, using so many disposable products. It adds up in the land filling. It really does. And we don’t have to do that anymore; we can use cloth pads, or we can use a menstruation cup like Mooncup. For me, that choice wasn’t a hard one.

Third; no more panicking about if you remembered to buy tampons or pads or not, if you have enough of them or if the store will be open when you need more. The Mooncup sits where you put it away the last time, and waits patiently for you to need it again. And you don’t need more than one, so you don’t have to pack extras in your bag either.

Which, of course, means that you’ll eventually start saving money, too, as you pay for it once and you’re all set for years to come. Like I said, I’ve had mine for 6 years now, and although you can subtract a pregnancy and 16 months of breastfeeding, it’s been used every month besides from that. Worn? Not at all. It’s so long lasting it almost gets boring, as it never gives me any reason what so ever to buy a new one (and I like to buy new things! *whine* 🙂 ) But in the long run, that’s really what I like most about it. It’s reusable. It stays the same. It doesn’t seem to get worn, like, EVER. Well, maybe in 10 years time or so. Maybe.


How to use a Mooncup

Quite simple, really. You just fold it in two and insert it into youknowhere. It will open and unfold once you let it go, and it has these tiny holes around the top which creates a light vacuum to keep it in place. You can’t feel it at all if you inserted it right, and you have no string dangling between your legs either, like you would if you used a tampon.

You remove and empty it maybe once or twice (or thrice?) a day, depending on how heavy your menstrual flow is. It holds a lot more than a tampon would, so you don’t have to change it as often. The removal part is the scariest part, I guess, for some of you, and it may require some training before you feel comfortable enough to try it outside the comfort of your own home. Hint: the shower may be a good place to start if you’re not sure you can handle it yet. It really isn’t that hard, though, you just pinch the bottom of the Mooncup gently and lure it out of there, one side at a time. Keep some tissue in your other hand just in case, and you’re good – I promise!

And then, you just empty it in the toilet or in the sink, before you rinse it with hot water, and reinsert. You really don’t need to do more.

{Added bonus for spiritual women with a love for nature based rituals here: you can easily make this into a earth blessing ritual by giving your moonblood back to nature!}

When your period is done, you just wash the Mooncup and then boil it for a while to sanitize it, making it ready for next month.

Your faithful Mooncup will be there waiting for you, ready to save your vagina from dryness, the land filling from unnecessary waste, and your wallet from having a pointless expense for years to come.

It’s a win-win-win. 🙂


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  1. Hi!
    I love the video too! It is hilarious! But it sums up very well my own believes around mooncups et al. Just fluffy nre age people use it, right? Little, little I learning that that is definitely NOT the case! Cant wait til Saturday when I can visit our local distributr of this! Thanks for the inspiration!

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