How to Be a Goddess When You Have a Cold

What, so you didn’t think you could be a glamorous goddess when you have a cold?

Well. You’d be 100% right, actually. I mean… Of course you can’t! :P~~ No way «glamorous» and «sneezing» can go in the same sentence!

But if you scratch «glamorous»… you can still be a Goddess of Particularly Immense Self Care. So there.

Here are my recently tested methods of self-care when you’re stuck in that bubble of stuffy nose, sticky throat and aching all over.

1. Loooong, hot baths, with sea salt and a blend of eucalyptus and peppermint oil. Relaxes the horrifically sore muscles from sniffing and sneezing ordeals, while the essential oils opens up your face again.

2. Eating whatever it is your body tells you to eat, even if your brain tells you it’s crap. Practise Intuitive Eating.

3. …but also making sure you get something healthy, like a green smoothie with lots and lots of lemons in it. Those you can hopefully taste. And if not, they have vitamin C. Yay for vitamin C.

4. Just lay. Listen to music, perhaps, just… lay.

5. Meditate on the colors blue and green, to counteract the red swollenness that seems to be you.

6. Resolve to write a long letter of thankfulness to your child’s kindergarten.

7. Watch a nice movie, one which will kinda make you feel good, while not making you laugh (hold the coughing!) or cry (you’re stuffed enough as it is). Go for the Mona Lisa factor. Mona Lisa is nice.

8. Appreciate the Universe for so lovingly saving you from your own to-do-list for this week, instead providing you with a whole new set of want-to-dos. Like becoming the most healthy, fit specimen of the human race ever to walk the planet. And sip to your green smoothie while you plan. See, you’ve already almost there!

9. Laugh silently hysterically of the fact that He Who Shall Not Be Mentioned came down with the stomach flu exactly 19 hours after your first sneeze. And be ever so grateful for living in a two-story house, with two separate bathrooms.

10. Play with crystals. Decide on carnelian and citrine for power and energy, but reconsider when you think of red swollenness and yellow … No. Go for blue. Blue is nice. Or turquoise.

11. Praise the makers of processed, ready-made food for the whole family, and forgive yourself for not having the freezer full of nutritious dishes. Sip to your green smoothie and think nothing more of it. You’re good.

12. Dream and set goals for the future. You know, small things like a masseuse, a housekeeper, a cook… Oh, and a butler. I shall call him James. And he shall bring me tissues.

13. Sleep. As much as you can. For obvious reasons.

14. Earthing. As much as you can. More on this later when my brain works properly, but it’s supposedly good for you. It changes the actual voltage in your body. Watch this for now.

15. Write down any feverish fantasy you come up with. They may be gold. Maybe. I’ll get back to you on that one. 😉

But for now… I’m gonna practice what I preach and go have some delicious Chocoberry Pie. Catch ya later!

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