DIY Lotion Bars Recipe

This winter and this stress and this total lack of diet intelligence has taken a toll on my skin. Potato chips and coke really don’t do much for your complexion!  And it’s bad enough that I have psoriasis already, but the skin on my calves are looking like eroded earth and I think I’m gonna make a cloud of dust if someone breathes on me.

So the day before yesterday I went into the Chaos That Is My Bathroom Drawer (keep in mind, I just managed to throw everything out of sight after I moved here, to study for my finals instead) and pulled out a body lotion I haven’t used. I quickly remembered why – it was a Christmas present from someone who really don’t know me that well, it really didn’t smell good, and it left a film on my skin instead of penetrating it.

It didn’t really do anything, either, my skin is as eroded as ever before, underneath the fake plastic film.

So today, I thought to myself…. «You know what? Maybe you should go buy an organic, nice one instead!».

Much to my big and lovely surprise, my mind just answered… «Yay, shopping! 😀 Waitwhatwhyyy?» before it went on explaining that it would be much easier, cheaper and much more ecofriendly to make myself some nice lotion bars instead. I already had all the ingredients needed.

And in to the kitchen I went.


This is what you’ll need to make lotion bars:

Kettle + stove.

lotion bars ingrediensesSunflower oil (or any other odorless oil – if you really mean business, you can try a jojoba oil, but a sunflower oil from the grocery store will do just fine).

Cacao butter (or shea butter, that will work too!)

Beeswax pellets.

And essential oils of jasmine and lavender.

That’s it.



Melt 1 part of each of the oil, the butter and the pellets, remove from heat, and then add 20 drops of each essential oil before you pour it into whatever you want to pour it into. I used my silicone cupcake molds (as if I’d ever make cupcakes in them).
Remember that it’s almost like Alice in Wonderland’s magic mushroom: the sunflower oil makes the lotion bars softer, and the beeswax makes them harder, plus the temperature where you live makes them softer or harder, too.

And if you aren’t completely satisfied with the consistency, you can always just remelt, and add whatever you need to the mix. I live up here in the rather cold Norway, so I add just a bit more soft with a bit of extra oil.

Allow the lotion bars to cool completely, pop out of mold, and enjoy!

I really, really love this combination of scents, by the way. The chocolate scent from the cocoa butter mixed with lavender and jasmine is so absolutely divine that you just have to try it for yourself. It beats the hell out of the previously mentioned body lotion, that’s for sure, and it’s much more nutritious to your skin, too. I’m really happy with this one. 🙂

To apply, just take it in your hand and rub it gently on your skin. Remember, again, that heat makes it softer, so depending on how hard you made it, it will melt a bit against your skin if you just got out of a nice, hot bath tub. Not so much if you try to apply it outside in a cold wind.

Oh, and they make great homemade gifts, too!

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  1. These lotion bars look like fun to make, and pretty simple. I don’t have all the ingredients you listed, but I can probably find them easily. Just had a thought to buy fun shaped silicone ice cube trays to make different shapes! I do happen to use my silicone cupcake wrappers for cupcakes.

    1. Yeah, they are. 🙂 I’ve tried fun shaped molds, but they don’t fit as good into the hand when you massage it, I think. The cupcake molds are almost perfect – and it doesn’t matter if you use them for cupcakes too, because all the ingredients in the lotion bars are edible. Not tasty, I’d imagine, but it won’t kill you. 🙂

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