Dealing with PMS Naturally

Today, I’m blogging live from the battle zone of PMS. I attempt to fight this by dealing with the PMS the natural way, and share it with you as I go. Right now I’m in exile in my home office with a shut door behind me, my hair is a mess and I’ve only eaten junk for the last couple of days. That’s really not such a great idea when it comes to keeping your mood stable and nice, so I’ll make that my first point.

Do Eat Well and Befriend Your Blood Sugar

You should always eat well, of course, but when the ovulation is over and PMS is about to hit, you are navigating in a nutritional mine field. Make sure you stack up on raw chocolate, bananas, nuts and other natural foods that contain high levels of magnesium. I know your body might be craving empty carbs at this point, but try put that one on ignore. Empty carbs will only make it worse, as it will throw your blood sugar out of balance. You really need that to be working with you, not against you, so opt for foods with a low GI.

Do Keep Your Stress Levels Down

The last thing you need right now, is additional stress. And you do know how to count (supposing you have a regular menstruation cycle, of course), so if at all possible: try to think ahead of time and see if you can’t schedule extra tasks and chores to a more suitable time. It’s better to work a little bit harder when you’re not PMSing, so that you can take things a little more slow when you need to.

Also, it might be worth a shot to drag your body down to a gym or out in nature to burn off some of that cortisol. Cortisol is one of our stress hormones, which enables us to fight of flight. This saved the caveman from being eaten by wild beasts, and he got rid of the excess stress hormone in the process. We, however, get fairly stuck, as our stress comes from different sources than that of the caveman. We don’t normally get to burn off cortisol by making a deadline or having a confrontation with the boss. It doesn’t work like that in our society, but our bodies still haven’t developed to meet that change yet. So whenever you feel tense and stressed out, you should go out, imagine a [insert worst nightmare here] hunting you, and  run for your life.

Do Get Out in Nature

Nature is proven to calm us down, comfort us and give us better health (both mentally and physically), so this might be a really good time to grab a book, a thermos and a warm blanket and head outside. Just be. Breath. Maybe meditate.  Make sure you spend as much time as possible in green surroundings. One thing I discovered earlier this summer, was that I actually become a much better mom if I take my daughter outside on days like these. It’s certainly worth a try!

Do Read a Sad Book, Watch an Equally Sad Movie – Or Both

There might actually be a reason for you getting all teary-eyed in the last week of your cycle. Some experts think that crying actually releases hormones and chemicals from your body, so that it can regain its balance afterwards. At the same time, that sadness will also trigger your body to respond with endorphins to calm down. This might suggest that it’s actually a good idea to go with the flow and allow yourself to have a good cry if you need to.

Do Take a Long, Hot Bath

…or a shower, if you don’t have a bath tub. It’s so much easier to feel good if you feel clean and smell of your favorite perfume, so do your self a favour and spend some time in the bathroom. While you’re there, you can cleanse your skin and tend to any breakouts you might have, give yourself a scalp massage or shave your legs. Just close your eyes and ask your body what it needs. It will know exactly what to do.

Well, there you have my plan, anyway. Do you suffer from PMS and have found a way to naturally alleviate the tension and discomfort? Do share in the comments field below!

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0 thoughts on “Dealing with PMS Naturally

  1. Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, a hot bath works wonders on so many levels. Might add a few drops of essential oils in there as well, like calming lavender to help with both the mental stress and the muscular tension.

  2. Hi Nienna 🙂

    Great article – i find Evening Primrose Oil Capsules make such a difference!! I used to take them religiously for my PMS, then stopped taking it when I began taking Krill oil (for other reasons) thinking i can’t consume too much oil… boy, was I sorely mistaken. Had no idea how well my body does with EPO – after deciding to start taking it again my skin has brightened and got it’s glow back, no more «period acne» (yep, and I’m 41), breast tenderness gone and the emotional roller coaster so much flatter 😉

    ANd as you mention diet makes a HUGE difference, especially in the second 2 weeks of our cycle – I’m about to launch a Goddess Detox that will help enormously with this… I’ll keep you posted :)) xo

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I’ve never tried Evening Primrose, I try fixing things with food first, but I hear they can be really effective if that doesn’t work. I can’t wait for your Goddess Detox, though! 🙂

  3. A tip I actually got from the Ricki Lake show loooong time ago, was to masturbate/have sex. Might not be what you feel like doing when you’re in a PMS’y state, but it’s supposed to release tension, and I’ve heard it can actually help start your period (if you’re overdue [and not pregnant]. I haven’t checked the facts, but I do think it makes sense, as it will release hormones and such. My experience is that having an orgasm may also help against menstrual cramps. It is actually the only thing that I’ve tried that has helped against my cramps (except Naproxen pills, but I want to keep my intake of pills to a minimum).

    1. Sounds logical – a surge of oxytocin will help you relax and release the tension, so an orgasm would probably be a great idea. 🙂

  4. Herbal hot packs are AMAZING for cramps. Heat is proven to be far more effective on muscular pain than over-the-counter type medications. Exercise helps, too, but, realistically, if your pain is severe enough that exercise just won’t happen, either a herbal hot pack, or, if you don’t have one (there’s some great ones on Amazon) you can put rice in a sock or similar cloth and heat it up- I generally use the microwave for safety and ease reasons, but I’m sure an oven could be used with some precautions- but the rice packs don’t smell terribly fantastic after three or four uses, so you’d have to replace or scent the rice to avoid that. Hope this helps!!

    1. I’ve made a few rice pillows as presents, and it works wonders to add some drops of calming lavendar oil to the rice before it gets sewn in. I’ve never made one for myself, though, but I don’t own a microwave (I don’t like to nuke my food 😉 ) so I’ll have to heat it up in the oven, I guess.

  5. A tip for the sad book (or film): Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. Incredibly sad and beautiful in a way, with all it’s references to nature.

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