Creating Blank Sheets of Time and Space

The calendar is telling me that I’ve had a month off, just about. One third of my summer holiday has gone by already, and I haven’t got much to show for it. The two novels in my head are still resided only in my head. The children’s book I finished this winter is still not published, or even translated from Norwegian to  English. Both my blogs are neglected, my home is a mess. In short, everything I planned to do this summer is still out in the blue somewhere.


I’ve been waiting for the perfect timing, you see. And I’ve been making excuses, a lot of them. I can’t write if I don’t get 24 hours to myself, I can only write in the middle of the night, it’s too messy here to get creative, I only have an hour before I have to pick up my daughter in kindergarten and make dinner, etc etc ad nauseam. And when I finally think that I AM ready to start writing, I’m too hungry. Too tired. Too uninspired.

This is going nowhere, fast. And I need to shape it up.

The perfect time to get creative will never come, not by itself. That blank sheet in my life actually needs to be created, too, I’ve finally realized.

Time and space are the two dimensions that always seem to get in the way whenever somethings needs to be done, so that’s where I’m starting right now. Today, I got up fairly early, and I decided to start with the «space» part of this challenge. I haven’t done much, just 45 minutes, but already my living room feels like a much nicer place to sit and write. I’ll rinse and repeat over the next few days.

And then, time. I simply have to decide that as soon as my daughter is in bed, I will make sure I’m full and comfortable, and then I have to write. Just start writing something. Doesn’t matter if it’s right or not, I can always go back and edit it later, but I will write something. Every night.

I’ll make no more excuses, I won’t self-sabotage this any further.

Instead, I shall apply myself to creating blank sheets of time and space in my life.

And then I shall fill them with words.


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0 thoughts on “Creating Blank Sheets of Time and Space

  1. Nienna, oh boy…the perfect time conundrum! I do that to myself all the time, just waiting until the time is right…and no, it never is. Here’s hoping that we get that on track and stop playing the waiting game. Great post. 🙂

  2. I know this one all too well. The perfect time is somewhere in the great blue yonder and I never seem to get there. So now I just write, no matter the time or if I feel inspired. And who cares if it sounds like crap? It’s quite freeing.

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