What’s In Your Goddess Purse?

So, I was just watching Jamie Ridler’s video on Create Your Own Portable Studio, and I suddenly felt this sudden rush of inspiration come over me. I got to look into someone else’s purse! Yay! It always makes me want to upgrade my own, for some reason I cannot fully explain.

You know, I actually remember an article I read in a magazine 20 years ago about what could go into purses, that really says something about how insane I must be when it comes to these things. 🙂

But anyway… I wanted to show you what’s inside my purse, and how I’m going to Goddess it up a bit, add a touch of magic to my everyday life – a little secret that is there for me to know about, and no one else to see.

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I Wish I Could Paint

I’m sitting here.

Sizzling with creative power, feeling it prickle in my hands and body, urging me to create something wonderful, something that resonates with what I’m feeling right now.

Words have always been my go-to thing when I’ve felt like this in the past.

But this time…

This time, I’m beyond.

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The Hidden Anger Within

«I know you’re mad. Tell me why.»

These words, or at least the same message, was given to me over the phone on Sunday morning.

All of my Saturday night had been spent trying to figure out what, exactly, this sudden rage was all about.

What was I mad about?

So mad that my voice gave me away over the phone?

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Some Thoughts on Love and Fairy-tales

I have been deeply emerged in thoughts of love and relationships these last few days.

Of our expectations and how they came to be.

See, I have this little girl. She’s five, and into the princesses and fairy-tales. Disney, mostly, I’m embarrassed to say. There’s Cinderella, there’s Rapunzel, and of course Sleeping Beauty, who is her personal favorite since they kinda look the same, with the long, blond hair.

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