5 Ways Being Organized Can Help You Live A Natural Life

How are those new year resolutions holding up? In case you are starting to fall off the wagon already, here are some very good reasons to help you stay on track with your home.

You see, an organized home does more than sooth the people living in it and keep the stress levels down (as if that’s not important of and by itself!). It can actually help save the planet as well!

1. Being organized can cut down on the consumerism

If you know what’s in the freezer and by when it should be eaten, you won’t have to keep buying new food until the freezer is empty. This is bad news for the food industry, but good news for the planet and your wallet.

The same thing goes for every other things you may need in your daily life. If you know where they are and what shape they are in, you won’t have to buy new ones before you actually need them.

2. Being organized can cut down on your use of gas

Knowing what you have or don’t have will also make it a lot easier for you to plan. That means that you won’t have to take untimely drives to the grocery store, and that you can cut back on the time you spend in your car.

3. Being organized will help you live more sustainable

If you know you have at least three more sheets than you really need, and that there are plenty of towels to spare if only the laundry is taken care of, then you can easily convert these fabrics (and any other fabric you possess) into rags, cloth diapers, doll clothes, bibs for your baby and whatever else you can think of and need in your household.

This also comes in handy if you’re required to get a gift for someone, and don’t have the time or the money to go shopping for it. Once I made Christmas presents for three little girls out of recycled fabric from my household (I made them a pillow and duvet each for their dolls, made out of real duvet covers and sheets).

4. Being organized can help you help others

If you’re children’s outgrown clothes are organized, you can easily pick up the bag with clothes a certain size and pass them on to someone who might need it. Not only do you cut down on the consumerism by doing this, but you may also cut down on poverty.

Other things may prove to be helpful too. Maybe that stew in the freezer will help your pregnant sister-in-law get through the last days of pregnancy. Maybe knowing where your cell phone is at all times might get help faster if someone should fall down the stairs or have a heart attack in your house. Sometimes you need to act fast. Not having to run around in a messy house in search for cell phones, car keys or medicine is a really good thing.

5. Being organized frees up time to connect with nature

The more organized and streamlined your household is, the more time will you have on your hands to go for forest walks, relax in your garden and meditate in a hot bath. No more running around like a headless chicken trying to get some chores done in the few moments you get to yourself during the week. This will help you wind down, relax and find your center. It’s a whole lot easier to connect with nature from that place!

Have an organized life helped you in your quest for a more natural lifestyle? How? Please share in the comments field below, and please share this blog post with your friends if you liked it. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

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