Some Thoughts on Marketing

I was having a conversation about a study topic the other day, which always ends up kinda contradictory and funny when you think about the deconstruction theory and post-structuralism which always lies there as a solid foundation for the study program.

We were discussing something, and the discussion stopped dead at «But… but… it’s TRADE!«.


It is.

But. So much for post-structuralism, huh?

«But as soon as money enter the picture, it gets so ugly and dirty!»



What do you think?

Is it eeewy? Sticky? Foul?

Coming from the natural perspective, I see marketing and money now as a natural flow of energies. Like an osmosis. Like a circle of life, a process of giving and taking, beneficial for all.

I mean, it CAN be that, if we want it to be.

It doesn’t have to be misused, any more than you have to overeat or run your knees off. It doesn’t have to take advantage of anyone or anything, you don’t have to lie to sell a product, you don’t have to fake it.

Instead, you can choose products you really, really believe in, products and services that have a bit of that «heal the world-feel» for you. These are most likely from rather small businesses which don’t really have that big marketing budget, and they need all the help they can get to compete with the Big Guys.

You can help the world get access to better, more natural products this way. Sales are the only thing that can make them survive in a tough market. And those products have the ability to change the world, one consumer at a time. The more people going green, for instance, the more green products will be in demand, and the lesser the damage done by not-so-green alternatives (because yes, they SHOULD be viewed as «alternative»).

And you know, maybe one day we won’t need this marketing bridge over this huge gap between consumption and true green living. But we do now. Quite desperately. If we are to shift the trend… we kinda need to do that from within the market. And that means we need to get IN there. People won’t stop buying overnight. We need to make sure the products they’re buying are safe.

The same with meditation kits and so on, like the one you see in my sidebar. The more people who meditate and do their inner work, the bigger the chance of them having a positive impact on the world. It all starts right there. Loving yourself and staying in balance will enable you to do so much more.

You can use your powers for good!

I’m opting for that. 🙂

The term «marketing» for me now, is green. It smells fresh, it’s organic, vital, strong and beautiful. A plant I can attend to and enjoy. I see it spreading its lovely branches out into the world, greening it up, putting life force back into society.  And «money» is its fruit, sweet and nourishing, containing seeds which can be planted elsewhere.

I’m not going to hide it. I’m not going to be ashamed, why on earth should I? I’m going to put up affiliate banners on my blog and write promotions for products I really love and which are in total alignment with my beliefs. It’s an act of love. Really. And I’ll enjoy the money fruits which may or may not come from it, too! Right now, they are going to fill up my depleted and overdrawn bank account. Everybody wins.


PS! Please give me a shout if you have an affiliate program with products that will enable me to heal the world my own way! 😉


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