Tarot Readings

Do you need a tarot reading?

tarot cardsI’m more than willing to help you with that! I’ve been working with the tarot for almost 20 years, on and off, with different decks, and they never seize to amaze me. They have given me some astounding insights in my personal life, and as time has gone by, I also find that I take great pleasure in reading the tarot cards for other people when they need advice or to see things from a different perspective.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer this service here on my blog.  I know there are so many answers needing to be found, and if I can help you discover those answers, it would really make my day.


[box] «I’ve been having some long-term issues with a money block, and was fortunate enough to receive a card reading from Nienna, and let me tell you, it blew my mind! The things she saw in those cards cut right to the core of the issue, and not only told me what was going on, but how to deal with it. I highly recommend her for insight into any blocks you may have!»

Pip Miller, The Intuitive Hobbit[/box]


Here’s how it happens:

You order a reading by clicking on the PayPal button below. Then you send me a mail on mail [@] accordingtonienna.com/blog, with the question and any details you want to share. I don’t consider my tarot readings to be about me proving to you how much I’m able to psychically see in the tarot cards, for me it’s about giving good advice based on both the tarot cards, my intuition and your situation.

Then, I’ll get back to you to confirm, and to ask some clarifying questions if I need to. I’ll do the tarot reading, write it in a pdf-file, and send it to you by email when I’m done. This I will do as soon as I’m able to, normally within three working days, usually the same day (depending on the time zone, of course). I’ll let you know in the email when I plan to do your reading.

If the cards seem blank to me (that happens sometimes, when we’re not supposed to know yet) and I can’t get a coherent reading out of them, I will give you a full refund or a new reading if we tweak the question a little bit.


Celtic Cross Tarot Reading (10 cards)

delivered by email in a pdf-file, 19$