What To Do When Your Life’s Not Big Enough

It’s been a bit quiet from my part in the last few weeks. I went back to school in August to get a master’s degree in cultural studies, and that proved to be a MASSIVE stress factor, much more so than I’d anticipated. And as you already know, I’m preparing for my personal Ground Zero these days, and if you sprinkle all this loveliness with some emotional stuff coming up… it has just been a LOT to think about and sort out.

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What I Wish to Create

In the light of my soon to be expected date with Ground Zero, I have but one wish this Wishcasting Wednesday.

I wish to create my own, vibrant and glowing business.

I wish to be able to create lovely, enriching and healing digital products, and that these will be dearly loved and appreciated by the ones who buy them (and I wish there will be many buyers!).

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My Personal Ground Zero Is Coming

I sometimes wonder what if would be like to sit on a crashing plane. Would it be best to know the crash was coming, so that you could prepare (if at all able to), or would it be best to think that you were still high above the ground, just experiencing some minor problems, and that the pilot would soon sort everything out?

I don’t know.

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