Do You Feel the Solastalgia?

I can remember when I first came here.

I had been living in the middle of a forest for seven years, with pine trees, spruces and various kinds of leaf trees all around me. The river would run by, I only had to walk for five minutes or so to get to the beach. On both sides of my apartment there were green fields with different animals; sheep, mostly, but also cows and horses. My neighbour even had a tame white fox that would come by every now and then to see if I had been eating anything tasty, hoping I’d left a bite for him in my garbage.

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Could You Be Nature Deprived?

A really, really long time ago, we were hunter/gatherers, living with and of nature. We were exposed to the elements, we breathed fresh air, drank clean water and ate natural foods. Then, some 10 000 years ago, we moved into agriculture. That pretty much wreaked havoc to our health, leaving us with tooth decay and a more fragile bone structure. We also became shorter, and archeologists have found that our health in general was declining from that point onward.

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