What Is The Paleo Diet?

You may have heard of the Paleo Diet by now, and the word «paleo» may give you mental images of a caveman hunting down a buffalo with a spear and eating the raw meat like an animal himself. But what you don’t get, is how this will translate into modern life, and how it comes together in everyday life. But not to worry, my friend, for I shall explain!

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Natural Home Remedies for the Cold

I just knew something was going on. I woke up early yesterday, and my body was aching all over – a sure sign of my body starting to fight something bad. I get that sometimes, the day before something’s about to hit the other members of my family. One of the wonders of being sensitive to nature, I guess, I feel it in my body ahead of time without actually getting sick myself. And sure enough. Last night my daughter and her father started coughing and sniffing.

What to do? Time to get out the natural home remedies!

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Living a Natural Life: the Core Principles

I remember some years ago, when I decided I would live a more natural life… I had the motivation, I had the yearning – but what I didn’t have, was a clue about how this would play out in my every day life. Now, some years into it, I’ve come up with some core principles of living a natural life. They are not complete, by all means, as they are as organic and ever-growing as nature itself, nor are they always possible to apply, but still: one has to have goals and aspirations, right?

So here are my core principles of living a natural life:

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Autumn Weight Gain

Have you ever noticed that you tend to gain weight in the autumn? I have. I just realized that my clothes have all, quite mysteriously, shrinked while in the closet, and sure enough – I’ve actually gained a few pounds over the last weeks. And I know our society will have a fit over this, because they want us to be skinny all the time – but that’s not how nature intended it. We are supposed to gain weight in the autumn, that’s why nature gives us such sweet amounts of carbohydrates at this time of year. Fruit and berries are all designed to make us gain weight in the autumn, so that we would cope better with winter time. Autumn weight gain is a completely natural thing, and something you will experience if you start eating naturally, and by the seasons.

But, there is a «but» to this.

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Natural Foods – Why and How

Living a natural life has many aspects to it. How and what we eat will affect most everything in our lives, as it is in direct corealation to energy levels, moods (and thereby relationships and parenting as well), health and the family budget, so it might be worth to evaluate your diet once in a while. You won’t be able to function right if you eat a poor diet, it’s as simple as that. Eating natural foods is also a great way to connect with nature and maintain that link in everyday life, as an added bonus for your soul.

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