What’s In Your Goddess Purse?

So, I was just watching Jamie Ridler’s video on Create Your Own Portable Studio, and I suddenly felt this sudden rush of inspiration come over me. I got to look into someone else’s purse! Yay! It always makes me want to upgrade my own, for some reason I cannot fully explain.

You know, I actually remember an article I read in a magazine 20 years ago about what could go into purses, that really says something about how insane I must be when it comes to these things. 🙂

But anyway… I wanted to show you what’s inside my purse, and how I’m going to Goddess it up a bit, add a touch of magic to my everyday life – a little secret that is there for me to know about, and no one else to see.

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Today, I Choose Not to Give. It’s Cave Time.

It’s Monday. What’s more, it’s the first working day of the month.

Today, I should be deeply concerned about what to give in the time to come. How to add value. To my blog readers, to my social media followers, to the whole world.

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Aligning My Values with the Social Media Merry-Go-Round

Yesterday, I did the unthinkable in terms of social media and marketing. I walked away from my Twitter account. And I cleaned up some mess on Google+ too, in order to align the social media life with my actual values and beliefs.

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But…But… I Don’t Want a Freakin’ Concept!

I remember when I first entered the Blogosphere. Previously, I had been blogging on a small, fairly unknown, platform, but when that came down, some of us decided to move our blogs to WordPress.com.

And wow, what a shock that was!

The first place I was blogging on was called, translated from Norwegian, AllPrivate. WordPress was a whole different animal. Stats all of a sudden became important. Trackbacks and pingbacks and comments, oh my!

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Life Hacks for the Introverted Mom

There are times when motherhood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

These last few days, I’ve been reduced to a 4 year old’s slave girl, fetching this, wiping that, being constantly (brb, she’s actually here again)… constantly interrupted, even from my own thoughts. This is my first attempt of writing anything this weekend, and I’m not even sure it will be published any time soon.

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