DIY Lotion Bars Recipe

This winter and this stress and this total lack of diet intelligence has taken a toll on my skin. Potato chips and coke really don’t do much for your complexion!  And it’s bad enough that I have psoriasis already, but the skin on my calves are looking like eroded earth and I think I’m gonna make a cloud of dust if someone breathes on me.

So the day before yesterday I went into the Chaos That Is My Bathroom Drawer (keep in mind, I just managed to throw everything out of sight after I moved here, to study for my finals instead) and pulled out a body lotion I haven’t used. I quickly remembered why – it was a Christmas present from someone who really don’t know me that well, it really didn’t smell good, and it left a film on my skin instead of penetrating it.

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Natural Home Remedies for the Cold

I just knew something was going on. I woke up early yesterday, and my body was aching all over – a sure sign of my body starting to fight something bad. I get that sometimes, the day before something’s about to hit the other members of my family. One of the wonders of being sensitive to nature, I guess, I feel it in my body ahead of time without actually getting sick myself. And sure enough. Last night my daughter and her father started coughing and sniffing.

What to do? Time to get out the natural home remedies!

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