Extended Breastfeeding and the Child’s Immune System

The other day, I was sitting at a birthday party, where an old man (my daughter’s great-grandfather, actually) told the others that he was breastfeed until he was five years old. That lead to some quite depressing reactions (from where I’m standing, having in fact breastfed my daughter until she weaned herself at 3 years and 8 months), and I was inspired to translate this blog post I wrote on one of my Norwegian blogs a few years ago.

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Why Breast is Best for the Baby

An ongoing debate these days, is the question of what is best for the baby and for the parents regarding how the baby should be fed. Some are concerned about their boobs being ruined, some are unable to get up their milk supply, and yet others (like here in Norway right now) are concerned that breastfeeding will mess up the gender equality.

It’s a complicated issue, at least here in our corner of the world. But as a natural parent, one must ask, if we indeed have a choice in the matter, «How did nature intend this?»

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