I Wish to Start Celebrating My Cycle

Today’s question on Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday, is «What do you wish to start?». I actually had to think about that for a while, going through all the things I wish could be started in the world, like, say, a tiny massive revolution… and then figuring out the «I» part of it all.

Sure, I’d like for the world to start seeing that chemicals and poison are not the answer, and that natural health is worth striving for. That children need to be raised in another way, that natural parenting would solve so ginormously many problems for us long-term. That women need to heal and to step up and to fill their roles in society.

I want to be part of that, but I don’t want to start it. In fact, somebody else has already.

My wishes, right now, are actually on a much more personal level. As I was reading on my Kindle last night, this kinda struck a chord with me:

Women today, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliations, might do well to develop moon time rituals celebrating the divine feminine. During this special period they might make pilgrimages to sacred locations to come into harmony with their natural biorhythms and menstrual flows. By freeing themselves from the damaging idea of menstruation as a €œpollution€ or a curse, and by realizing that moon time rituals can encourage intuitive and spiritual powers, they might also empower themselves in other aspects of their lives. The Woman in the Shaman’s Body

I mean… I’ve thought about this before. I’ve known for a long time that women were once considered to be at their most powerful that time of the month, and once I had a friend who lit red candles and used her moon blood to bless the plants growing in her back yard, but my pondering has never led to me actually doing anything special about it.

But now… I wish to start.

I wish to start a monthly ritual, celebrating this part of my life.

I don’t know exactly how yet, I may go for a Google research spree later. But if you have any great ideas, please share them with me in the comments field below! 🙂

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0 thoughts on “I Wish to Start Celebrating My Cycle

  1. Blessings as you choose how to best celebrate your womanhood. We should all follow that advice and improve our connection to ourselves and the world. As Nienna wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. ~diana 🙂

  2. I love this. Thank you for the link to the book. After a year + struggling with hormonal imbalance due to my body responding poorly to a new hormonal birth control, I am realizing the importance and sacredness of this very thing. A monthly ritual sounds enticing and enriching. Thank you for sharing. May all of your wishes come true.

  3. Oh Nienna, what a beautiful wish.

    I was slamdunked straight into an early menopause last year when I underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer: a monthly ritual sounds like a perfect way of honouring the goddess within us xx

    As you wish for your divine self, so I wish for you also.

    With blessings & gratitude,
    Callie x

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