What I Wish Would Spring Into My Life

My soul remembers a time

spent with my sisters


like-minded spirits

with the same understanding

of how the world is

how it needs to be

and with the power to manifest


A circle of Wild Women

a coven of witches

in perfect peace

and perfect trust


A place where the world makes sense

to be

and to become

where they speak my language

freeing me of the need

to translate every word I say

to Mundanish

for the Muggles to understand


(there are so exhaustingly many of them!)


Where wisdom and knowledge resides

within ancient wise women’s hearts

spilling over


to water my desert mind

when no rain cloud is to be seen


My soul remembers this

and I know there is such a place

even for me

with and without technology

And this I hope will spring into my life

as soon as the seed is ready


I have planted it.

Now give it rain

and sunshine.


And patience.


I’ll be waiting.

Find me.

{This post was written as a contribution to Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday.}
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0 thoughts on “What I Wish Would Spring Into My Life

  1. How beautiful and inspiring! There is nothing more which I could add to this…so I will just smile and nod my head. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.

  2. Beautiful!!
    I think of the line in ‘Heart of the Fire’ – when one of the wise women refers to the villager seeking herbal help as a ‘once born’ – the author of this ‘posthumous autobiography’ asks «Do you mean they WERE only born this one time??» …. ‘no, but they THINK this is it!’

    As you wish for yourself, so I bless & wish for you!

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