Small Steps to Going Green, part 2

A few days ago, me and my daughter was going to the local theme park. The weather was warm, and while I was packing the bag, I found myself grabbing the disposable water bottle we had bought a few days ago and putting it in, thinking that I, too, have to get one as soon as we get there.

But then I stopped myself.

Because you know what? That cycle is never going to end. You buy bottles, you get rid of them, you buy new ones, and that’s just plain stupid when there’s free, high quality water available three  places in my own home! I mean, we do have a really good recycling system where I live (all bottles are returned, and the garbage is divided into wet organics, plastic, paper, electronics and the rest, while perfectly usable stuff normally goes to various flea markets or to the Salvation Army), but that still won’t be enough. There would still go a lot of resources into sorting and washing and refilling those bottles to get them back out in the stores again, right. It’s not compatible with going green, not when there are so many better options available.

I have gone down this route before, mind you. I have two metal bottles here to replace the plastic. It’s just that they kinda don’t work for us. First, they have those caps you have to screw on and off, which makes it really impractical when you’re on a tread mill, driving – or when you’re four years old and sitting in the back seat of a car driving over bumps in the road, for that matter. Secondly, they leak if not standing upright, making it impossible to pack a bag properly and not being nervous about the whole thing getting dripping wet. Thirdly, they can’t be washed in a dishwasher because of the print, which means that they either get unhygienic pretty fast, or they will spend most days sitting on the counter waiting for someone who bothers to handwash them. And fourthly, the water kinda taste like metal.

But when I went to the health store the other day, I spotted something different. Plastic bottles, BPA free, which does not spill or leak, can be managed by one hand (even by children), can be washed properly in the dishwasher, and in addition comes in cool, four-year old princess friendly colors – and they were on sale, too!

So I grabbed my kid and went back there, and bought a big purple one for me and a small pink one for her. They are perfect, and we take them with us everywhere we go now. My young one is a happy camper, running around showing everybody her lovely bottle and how the autoseal works. And I even notice that I tend to drink a lot more water then I normally would, so not only do I save money and the environment jumping off that whole bought bottle cycle, I also get the added health benefits of drinking plenty of water, both for me and my daughter. It’s a win-win for everybody (and I shall buy one for He Who Shall Not Be Mentioned, too!)!

I’m not promoting any particular product here, any bottle will do if you can make it work in your household, but these bottles are called Contigo, and can be found here (albeit in different colors than what we got, but I’m sure you’ll survive that ;)).

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  1. I completely agree about the metal bottles, I finally got rid of mine, and every plastic one I’ve had leaks around the screw-top. Thanks for the link to these!!

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