Schedule In Nature in 2012!

I know, I know… Those last few weeks have been kinda hectic, right? I totally feel you on that one. It has been hard to keep up with self-care beyond brushing teeth, let alone spending hours alone in the woods walking and meditating. Life gets that way sometimes.

But now, Christmas and New Years are over and done with. 2012 is waiting, fresh and new – and it’s all yours. So grab a cup of tea with me, put on some relaxing music, and I’ll give you my best tips of making sure you get plenty of time to rekindle that connection with nature in the year to come.

You see, it’s all about goal setting. Don’t get me wrong, that spontaneus walk or even holiday is a wonderful thing, but most of us tend to get trapped by everyday life. So, consequentually, you need to make sure your everyday life allows for whatever you want to manifest. You need to tailor your life to meet your goals.

Get out a pen and paper, or open a blank word document if you prefer to type instead of write. And then… close your eyes. Envision what you want to do this year to get closer to nature. Do you need to go to the mountains? Does your soul crave to swim in the ocean? What about greening up your home a notch? Getting some hens to collect home-grown eggs? Plant your own vegetable garden? Just start writing down the ideas and dreams as they come to you. You might even leave the paper out (or the document open) for a few days, as things tend to pop up over time.

Now, pick out the items you deem doable in 2012, and get out a sheet (or document), and divide it into the 12 months of the year. Your task is to place the bigger items and projects into that sheet; if you want to go for a winter holiday, you’d better schedule it to an appropriate month – no use skiing in July, unless you live in the southern hemisphere somewhere and expect it to snow. And the vegetable garden needs to be realized somewhere around spring, of course.

Then you need to figure out how to prepare for these events, and when you need to start doing so. I always, without exeption, miss the perfect timing to plant seeds for my vegetable garden and herbal bed. The first year I tried, I was to late – my tomatoes never ripened before autumn set in. Last year, I over-compensated, I guess, and when it finally became warm enough to plant my seedlings outside, they had grown too big and died. Timing is everything, so make sure you act when needed to this year. You do this by figuring out what you need to be doing when, ahead of time. Make sure your vegetable garden is ready for planting when the seedlings are ready – and make sure they are ready when the weather will allow for them to move outside.

The next step, then, is to actually put it in your calendar. Have a look at all those minor things as well. You could have a Forest Friday or a Walking Wednesday, or anything that complies with your dreams of nature. Make a date with yourself 15 minutes before you usually would get up in the morning, to have a nice cup of herbal tea before you start your day, or plan to cycle to work instead of taking the car.

How do you plan to reconnect with nature in 2012? Please share in the comments field below. Oh – and Happy New Year!! 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: eklarkins

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  1. Another little tip to add to your list . . . make time for what is really important. Take some time from negative fields such as TV and other media, and use that time for yourself. Use it to touch nature, even just by sitting in your garden and letting it wash over you. Don’t even worry about the planting. Just enjoy. Do the planting when you have reclaimed some personal space.

    1. Yes. That’s an excellent suggestion, actually. One of the New Years resolutions I didn’t mention in my post, is that I’ve stopped reading and watching news. Most of them are written to make good headlines, and they have little to do with the truth and the facts anymore. So I’m opting out, and choose to use my energy on other things instead, nature being one of them. 🙂

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