Review: Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook and Planner

If you want one feel-good bookish thing on your shelf, then I highly recommend you go buy and print Goddess Leonie’s Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook and Planner. I did that on New Year’s Eve, I think, and while most of my resolutions and plans and dreams and notebooks seem to go the way of the Dodo, this one is still standing strong. In fact, I’m still adding to it. So let me tell you more about it!

Basically, it is what is says: a workbook and planner. But as opposed to an ordinary planner, this one makes you go back to 2011 for a while before you start on the sparkling new year, to celebrate what has gone by, find the medicine it gave you and then let it go. For me, that was my first light bulb moment, when I actually found that I had several things from last year that I was deeply proud of myself for having accomplished. Just looking at that page now gives me a great feeling!

This workbook takes you through and makes you reflect on everything you have learned about yourself, how 2011 transformed you, what you need to let go of now and what you are grateful for. And it then… it makes you move forward, challenging you to dream up your wonderful 2012, making promises to yourself and write down 100 things you want to do this year. This is exactly why it’s still usefull, very much so, even if the year is not completely fresh anymore.

In my opinion, this is also the most powerful part of the workbook – I’m currently only on 72 things that I want to do, but this list is always on my mind. So instead of getting caught up in stupid Shoulds I’ll try to forget ASAP, I grab my ring binder as soon as I feel another desire for this year coming on, and write it down.

This kinda forces you to break free of your limited world view, too. I once read a story about a glass tank full of fish. Someone divided it in two with a see-through plate, and put all the fish in one part. But then, when they removed it a while later, none of the fish would swim to the other side of the tank. They couldn’t. The other side just wasn’t there in the fish mind, the possibility was non-existent to them. This workbook, however, pushes you to see what in fact is possible for you. It allows you to have wild dreams, and that’s what I love so dearly about it.

And then… when you’re getting into the flow of your dreams, Leonie shows you a way to actually manifest them and make them come through. She tells you how to make a Goddess Guide or a To Do List Book – you can actually see for yourself in this video:


I must admit, though, that while I do have a To Do List Book, I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon with it. But you know, just looking at the goals I made in January in this gorgeous workbook and this video of Leonie makes me want to just jump right in it again and MAKE MY DREAMS HAPPEN! 😀

Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook and Planner is also jammed packed with self love and healing on so many levels. It makes you think about what you need to do on shitty days, so that you always can look at that note and do what you need to do without thinking about it when the need arises. It also makes you think through your everyday life, so that you can start making some really good goddess habits for yourself and take control of how you spend your time, how you keep your house (yeah, even goddesses need to do the dishes once in a while, better make it divine!) and how to take care of yourself.

It even had me make my very first dreamboard, and looking at it right now, it still gives me so much inspiration!

The workbook rounds it all nicely up by having you do an oracle reading for yourself, writing down which card you pulled for each month, and then adding the key words underneath. I used my tarot cards for that one, but you can use any oracle or tarot cards you want, of course.

And then, the calendar begins. I’ll admit, I’m not really using mine, as I’m way too lazy to write stuff down in both my Google calendar and then in my ring binder, but the thing is: This is more than a calendar. Each month also comes with a visualization sheet, where you put down which essence you want and your To Do List for that particular month. And those pages are as vibrant as the rest of the workbook, with lovely colors and paintings, so I’m thinking that I really would love to tape it to the wall in front of my desk for added boost. Heck, I might even put up the calendar sheets, as they are equally gorgeous.

I’m actually gonna go ahead and do that right now.

That is, in fact, a brilliant example of how this workbook and planner inspires me. 😆

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