Wild Woman Meditation Kit


It’s finally here – my first meditation kit!

This Wild Woman Meditation is designed to help you get more in touch with your natural, wild self – the beautiful and free soul that lives just underneath the culture imposed restrictions and self-doubt.

I will guide you deep down into relaxation and to a place where you can meet and chat with your inner, wild self, get to know her a bit better, and integrate her more into who you are in everyday life.

It is a powerful meditation to use whenever you feel like you are getting disconnected to nature and to yourself, or whenever you just feel the need to strengthen the connection, making your wild self even stronger.

What you will get:

  • a deep relaxation accompanied by soothing music
  • a visit through imagery to a beautiful place
  • a feeling of being more connected with your natural, wild self
  • a sense of freedom from culture imposed restrictions
  • access to your own, inner, wild wisdom
  • a sense of becoming stronger, wilder and freer

This meditation comes in three versions. One is 15 minutes long, one is 20, and one is 30 minutes long for when you really need to have a long, uninterrupted chat with you inner Wild Woman.

I have also enclosed a transcript, should you need it, and as an extra bonus, you get a pdf with 30 Ways to Nourish Your Wild Self.


[box] «I just finished listening to one of Nienna’s meditations, and I was quite pleased! I usually have a hard time staying focused during guided meditations, but the combination of the right tone, her delightful Norwegian accent, and the lovely, lovely music in the background just took me away! I want to listen to all 3 in a row, but I have things I need to get done today, and I’m now feeling so peaceful that I’d probably fall into a blissful sleep! Grab this kit, you won’t regret it!!!!»

Pip Miller,

Notes From A Wounded Healer[/box]

You can listen to the meditations as they are on the page you will get access to, or you can download all three meditations or just your preferred one to your computer or to your cell phone. I recommend that you do the latter, as it’s easier to take along with you that way. You might even take it with you to bed, and listen to it right before you fall asleep. If you chose to do this, you just roll over instead of waking up at the end of the meditation, and allow the relaxed state you’re in to take you further into your dreams. And who knows, maybe your Wild Self will be waiting for you there, to spend some more time with you now that you’ve been properly introduced? 🙂

[box] «The Wild Woman Meditation is grounding and peaceful. I found Nienna’s voice to be so gentle and soothing, guiding me beautifully towards relaxation and personal insight.»

Alison Joy,


You can use it as much and as often as you’d like, but especially when you feel bugged down by society and feel like you’re losing yourself a bit in all the man-made mess. It will reconnect you and allow you to breathe freely for a while, before you head back to the real world, this time with your Wild Self intact.

Note: I am not a native English speaker, and I speak with a Norwegian accent. I’d like to think that my lovely and endearing accent (tee hee!) can make this meditation even more fabulous and exotic for you, taking you one more step back to ancient times and other magical worlds.


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