Spring Activities for Children of All Ages Ebook

spring activities ebook cover


Finally, it’s spring. Nature is slowly waking up after her long slumber beneath snow and ice, and new beginnings are in the air. A lovely time is ahead. Let’s enjoy it thoroughly, inhaling the fresh air deep into our lungs, and spending as much time as possible outdoors!

You will get suggestions for activities to start out with, and you will get three variants of each. One will be especially for the younger toddlers, one will be for the older toddlers, and one will be for the older children.

This is great for parents who wish to help their kids develop a positive relationship with nature, and don’t really know where to begin, or for parents of «project accustomed children» from kindergarten and school, who doesn’t quite seem to know how to activate themselves out in nature.

This ebook is about 4500 words, on 15 pages.

Price: 3 USD

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