I Wish There Was a Pack

I wish I could discover that underneath this seemingly endless everydayness of everybody’s mind, there would be a vast, juicy wildness just waiting to be set free and spring into the world like magic firework in a dark night sky.

That there would  be someone authentic and real and fiery underneath that grey skin and those dark rings under their eyes.

That their minds were occupied with grander things, truer things, things that would make a difference somehow.


I wish I could discover a way to get there.

A path.

Not out of the wilderness.

Oh no.

Further into it.


I wish I would discover a whole wild pack waiting for me on the other side of this dreariness, this desert.

Liberated men.

Wild women.

Children of nature.

All together, dressed in whatever felt most comfortable, whatever expressed their true selves the best, sitting around a fireplace in a vast jungle of muchness.


The healers, the artists, the shaman drummers, the visionaries. They would all be there. Waiting.


I wish I could discover the Real world.


This was written as a contribution to Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday. Come along and cast a wish! 

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0 thoughts on “I Wish There Was a Pack

    1. Oh, I envy you! I keep looking and looking, but last time I tried, I just found a weird gang headed for a different solar system where they could pretend to be out in earthly nature with a hologram deck! After that, I just kinda gave up. 😆 For now, it looks as though they can only be found online. SO I’ll start here. Thank you for being here. 🙂

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