Natural Home Remedies for the Cold

I just knew something was going on. I woke up early yesterday, and my body was aching all over – a sure sign of my body starting to fight something bad. I get that sometimes, the day before something’s about to hit the other members of my family. One of the wonders of being sensitive to nature, I guess, I feel it in my body ahead of time without actually getting sick myself. And sure enough. Last night my daughter and her father started coughing and sniffing.

What to do? Time to get out the natural home remedies!

The first thing that came to mind, was that I had to get out the oil burner and some essential oils as soon as possible. I added three drops of peppermint and tree drops of eucalyptus, and placed it in the corner where we are sitting. These are marvelous because of at least three things: they clear the air, so to speak, being antibacterial and antiviral, thus protecting others (i.e. me!) from catching it. And as you inhale them, they clear your respiratory tract as well, opening stuffed noses and clearing the mucus in the throat and lungs. On top of that, they actually boost your immune system, too!

When we went to bed last night, I took the oil burner with me and simply replaced the peppermint and eucalyptus with calming lavender instead. It doesn’t have that same mucus clearing effect, but it’s still antibacterial and antiviral, while it’s promoting a good night’s sleep. And you need sleep to fight off any infections.

Today, I’ll continue the essential oil regime, and I’ll add honey. Lots of it. Honey works wonders for bacterial infections. It has been shown in studies that it actually works better than drugs, and that it can shorten colds by two days. I’ll put it in my tea, on my daughter’s bread and everywhere else I can think of. Here in Norway, we celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow, and I might just bake him a honey cake. Might make some chocolate with added honey, too.

Also, I will be replacing the ordinary juice my daughter is drinking with blackcurrant juice. Blackcurrant is a bomb of an antioxidant as it contains vast amounts of vitamin C – which is generally thought to boost the immune system. I might even have some myself! The trick is to find (or make) a juice with no added sugar, as sugar will actually weaken the immune system and thereby enhancing the infection. I imagine it would be a much better idea to sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey instead – just heat it up a bit so you’ll be able to stir it out, or make a hot blackcurrant toddy.

Do you have any favorite natural home remedies for the cold? Please share in the comments field below!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Olga Oslina

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