Moon Diary Sheets – a New Moon Gift for You!

…and the Moon keeps pushing.

Pulling. Changing, growing.

Waning and waxing again.

Just like me.

In a just a few hours, the moon is about to become brand new again. As for now, she’s still in the darkest place of her cycle, but soon she will turn, grow, increase in strength, and bestow her light upon us again. It’s a time for new beginnings, and this new moon is particularly strong in energy as it’s the first one of 2012.

The question you should ask yourself tonight, is what do you want to grow in the next moon cycle? What do you want to cultivate and make happen? What seed will you be sowing and see to fruition in the next 29 days? What will be your focus? This is the perfect time to take your New Year resolutions and give them a new spin.

One of my dreams for 2012 is to reconnect even deeper with nature. For the last few moon cycles, I’ve been thinking that I really should be keeping a Moon Diary or a journal of some kind, as I want to explore how she affects me when she is in her different phases, and if there’s a pattern to it all. I think there might be – one of the patterns I suspect is that I get completely drained of energy during the new moon and the full moon. I have no idea why, but maybe I’ll be able to work around it if I know for a fact that those days are coming.

So, today I made myself some sheets to help me track, take notes and explore my lunar cycles, and I’ve made them available for download as well, as a special new moon gift for you, my wonderful reader. I’ve made one sheet for each quarter, and one  at-a-glance sheet for the whole cycle. These can be used in any number of ways, including color codes and smiley faces and actual notes, drawings and poetry. Whatever makes your heart sing and your soul want to dance. 🙂

The moon phase sheets can be used either from the date of the new moon and one week ahead in each phase, or you could count the new moon to last for three days – one day before, the actual day of the new moon, and one day after, so that you’d start your sheet one day ahead of time. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are consistent.

Here you go – and happy new moon! 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: CB_27

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0 thoughts on “Moon Diary Sheets – a New Moon Gift for You!

  1. Thank you very much Nienna, it’s a wonderful idea. Look forward to start filling them out and see how the moon phases affect me.

  2. Thank you very much Nienna, it’s a wonderful idea. Look forward to start filling them out and see how the moon phases affect me.

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