Manifesting 101: Preparing the Ground

Once you have decided what it is you really want to manifest in your life, it’s time to start preparing the ground. As you may be well aware of, it’s futile to plant anything in barren earth, and your seeds of desires may be suffocated by too many weeds competing for nutrition. Therefore; Now is the time to get out the tools of destruction.

For some, this may sound scary. Maybe you are so used to playing nice and easy-going that you’ve lost touch with your more destructive sides. But the fact remains: New life cannot grow if old life never dies. There can never be a spring if autumn never comes. You need to fully understand that your own destructiveness is a very important part of the puzzle of life, and that it is something you should cherish and see as a positive force within you.

This is where your wildest powers are, once you are able to master them.

Think about your life as you see it now. Describe it in your journal, and be completely honest about everything that seems important to you.

Then, look at how you want your life to be. Maybe you read part 1 of this series about finding your true desires, and did the writing exercise in there. Compare the two if you did. If not, you can just meditate over it and take notes as you go.

What fits?

What doesn’t?

What is standing in your way?


You know, there’s a riddle that fits perfectly into this theme, and it goes like this:

How do you carve out an elephant from a wooden block?

Answer: You remove everything that is not an elephant.


You need to determine what is your elephant, and what is not – and then you need to start carving.

Fix everything you can fix. If money is your issue, then you need to come up with plans of action as to how to pay your bills (or remove debt, if you like), go get help for medical conditions that are standing in your way, and remove anything that makes you sick or drains you of energy.

I’ll be honest with you here. This can be a tough process. Sometimes, we need to let people go, and that can be hard. I have a friend right now who is doing this to the extreme: after years of drug abuse, she is now in total isolation from her previous friends in Europe’s strictest rehab facility. Only a few of us are allowed to be in touch with her, and for good reason. There is no way she will be able to get back on her feet, as long as she’s surrounded with negative people who will keep her down.

The same goes for you, my wildly dear reader, even if you’re not battling drug addiction. And my guess is, you already know who is playing this part in your life, and that they need to go.

This also goes for your own ideas and thought patterns. Look for hints of self-sabotage or attitudes that doesn’t fit in with what you want to manifest. If you’re aiming to lose weight, for instance, you might want to have a close look at how you deal with actually losing the weight. Do you «reward» yourself with a bag of potato chips once you start feeling thinner? Do you connect food with comfort?


Do what you need to do to get rid of those attitudes, and get help if you find that you are in too deep to be able to dig yourself out. Go get therapy if you need one, or get a coach you trust if you’re not in the clinical sphere. You can even do it the old-fashioned way, and talk this over with your  man or your best friend for support – and you should! – but sometimes it’s easier with someone who is not part of your own ecosystem.

Imagine yourself getting out all your garden tools now. Start digging and throwing away any seed or root that you don’t want your life blooming from, ever again.

Take away the rotten ponds in your life  by removing the blocks that keep the water stagnant.

And then… enjoy the free flow of energy, surging through your life. This is a much better place to build from – and you may even find that this is all you need to do in order to manifest the life that you want.

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