How It’s Going to Be

After having given some serious thought to my online presence, I think I have come up with a model now, based on my own values and goals and ideals. I will still have to try it out and see if it works, both in terms of reaching my goals and to see if it actually feels right in action, but for now, this is how it’s going to be.

My Twitter is now divided into two different accounts, after I actually deleted the first one. Now I have one in my native language Norwegian, and another one in English. Those two worlds and cultures proved quite hard to combine, so now I’m making it a bit easier to target each one. I have them both on TweetDeck, to make the juggling as smooth as it can get.

My blog is going to be just that: a blog. I won’t aim to keep it within a certain niche or concept, it will be about whatever I feel the need to write about, but I will try to combine my life experiences and thoughts with something that will actually be useful to the reader. Hopefully, it will be less boring that way, rather than me churning out posts about a certain topic, just because I should write about them. I’m too complex to stick with just one thing without getting blocked in the end. 🙂

I’m going to check my Google Reader every day, where I have all sorts of interesting blogs and Google Alerts. And since it’s not a good idea to share 10 links at the same time, I’m using Buffer to spread it out a bit. So if I find something I want to share with you on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll put it into Buffer, and it will get published at a later point, one link at a time.

And if I find something I really want to comment on while I’m checking my Reader, I will do that, too, of course.

My other challenge is that of the time difference. Living in Norway, it’s kinda hard to participate in live conversations with Americans and Australians, so that will have its obvious limitations. So, I’m setting this blog up to share an old post from my archive every 8 hours or so, and hopefully there will be comments here on the blog or in social media to which I can reply, allowing me to connect even if I do have to sleep. It will be slower, but what can you do… I guess it beats smoke signals, eh?

The only thing is, I need to be tweeting about other stuff in-between the automated updates, I do NOT want to be a robot. So please, if you catch my feed being all automated more than maybe a couple of weekend days in a row, feel free to poke me with a sharp object of choice.

Facebook… still not sure about that. It will get my blog feed, of course, but I’m disliking Facebook so much right now that I won’t be focusing too much on that. Instead, I’m falling in love with Google+, because it’s so much more permissive, both in terms of the updates actually being shown to my circles (as opposed to Facebook’s game), and in terms of me being able to write my statuses in both languages (as opposed to Twitter, with its character limits). That, and I suspect that it has its perks SEO-wise to share posts in Google’s own media, too.

And now… I’m actually really looking forward to getting online again!

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PS! Følg meg gjerne på Instagram og Facebook, så blir jeg lykkelig!
Trenger økonomien din en detox? Meld deg på nyhetsbrevet mitt, så får du inspo! 🙂

0 thoughts on “How It’s Going to Be

  1. This sounds like an excellent plan to me! Then again, I know what you mean about seeing it in action. There have been a few of my great ideas that just didn’t quite go as well as it seemed when I wrote them down. Totally get the Facebook thing. I left it two years ago and even though everyone says you just have to do Facebook if you want a successful blog…I’ll take my chances. I’ll have to give Google+ a more serious look.

    Hope this all works out more smoothly for you. 🙂

    1. Yeah… I find that I mainly use Facebook now to share updates about my daughter to our family and close friends, and the odd funny picture now and then. Sadly, I do see that Facebook is what gives me the most traffic when I use it, and it’s really no big deal to have my page up and running while I’m there on my profile anyway, but… I really wish my family and friends would join me on G+ instead.

      Let me know if you get on board G+, ok? 🙂

  2. There is an Inspiring Blog Award for you over at my blog. You can either participate or not, whichever you choose. My main reason for choosing you was to hopefully get other people to come take a look at your awesome work. It truly is inspiring. 🙂

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