Why You Should Go Green

Everybody seems to be doing the natural life. You read about it in blogs, hear about it in the news, see it in the grocery bag of the lady in front of you. Some part of you thinks it’s a good idea, of course, and you might feel that you should get into that natural life yourself, but still you hold back a bit, still a bit insecure about why you should go to all that trouble just to follow a trend. Because it is only a trend. Right?

This is a short breakdown of why you should go green.

Going Green Affects You And Your Family’s Health

You and your family’s health will benefit from going green in so many levels! Living a natural life will affect the air you breath indoors, it will affect the nutrition you eat or drink, and it will affect the level of toxicity in your blood, brought to you by the cosmetic business. Once you get rid of all the everyday chemicals, you might experience that health issues start to diminish, like allergies, asthma and eczema, and when you team that up with green, healthy and natural foods, the effect will be even better. Also, studies have shown that green areas lower health inequities between rich and poor. Nature has a very real effect on our health.

Going Green Saves Your Planet’s Health

This is an obvious one. Regardless of what you believe to be true or not about global warming, it is always a good idea to keep our footprints as green as possible. Our ocean now has more plastic in it than it has plankton. Our land fillings are growing bigger every minute, with disposable (ironic, isn’t it?) garbage which will take centuries to decompose. And on top of that, you can add all the chemicals that goes into your body – and out again, trough the sewer and back into the soil and drinking water. Did you know that they have actually  found remnants of contraceptives in the water, from women on the pill, causing fish to change sex? It all boils down to this: You cannot hurt nature and go free yourself. You ARE nature.

Going Green Saves Your Wallet

Yeah, I know – organic meat and produce can be quite expensive, compared to what you used to eat. But look at it like this: Once you get into the habit of growing and canning your own food, while at the same time becoming much more conscious about what you throw out and what you recycle, reuse or repurpose, it will actually save you money in the end. Cloth diapering is one good example. If you buy them or make them yourself, your kids will use those same cloth diapers over and over again – and you won’t have to put that expense in your day-to-day budget. And they can be used again if you should get a new baby in the future (I know I have more than enough one size cloth diapers waiting at my sister’s house, from both our children, if I get pregnant again, so that’s something I’ll never have to worry about).

Going Green Feels So Good!

And I’m not talking only about the great feeling of «being good» in general, I’m talking about the fact that connecting with nature is one of the things that make us respond with lower blood pressure, higher sense of well-being and happiness. Patients with a natural view healed faster than those with an urban scene outside the window, and you actually get smarter by spending time in green surroundings, because nature allows you to pay more attention to what you’re doing, than a non-natural environment does.

So, what are your thoughts? How have going green changed your outlook and life? Please share in the comments field, and please help share the message on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the buttons below!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

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0 thoughts on “Why You Should Go Green

  1. I love this article! It really does save money in the long run. I think money is one of people’s biggest setbacks, aside perhaps from convenience.

  2. Hi Nienna,

    Thanks for this inspiring article. Going green is something we should have done collectively, as a civilization a long time ago. But, I guess it is never too late.

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