What’s In Your Goddess Purse?

So, I was just watching Jamie Ridler’s video on Create Your Own Portable Studio, and I suddenly felt this sudden rush of inspiration come over me. I got to look into someone else’s purse! Yay! It always makes me want to upgrade my own, for some reason I cannot fully explain.

You know, I actually remember an article I read in a magazine 20 years ago about what could go into purses, that really says something about how insane I must be when it comes to these things. 🙂

But anyway… I wanted to show you what’s inside my purse, and how I’m going to Goddess it up a bit, add a touch of magic to my everyday life – a little secret that is there for me to know about, and no one else to see.

Keep in mind, though, that I am an introvert, and the content of my purse kinda reflects that part of me. It’s an instant introvert survival kit, actually.

Let’s see…

First, I actually have two purses. The Practical Purse which closes up with a zipper, and the Wild Purse which doesn’t, but it’s way prettier.

The Practical Purse was one I found almost for free at a flee market a few years ago. I love the vintage Victorian look to it, and the fact that it actually fits my entire on-the-go office. Last summer I went to Sweden for a little trip, and I had with me everything I needed to keep my blog going when I was there. And I use it to school, too, for the very same reasons.

The Wild Purse is one I got from Etsy last year, from Raven Moon Magic. That’s for the days when I don’t need to carry my mini-PC with me.

I am totally in love with the leather and the feather and the lace. Plus there are shells there, too, although you can’t see it in the picture, and it’s practical in that you can just carry it over your shoulder and not having to think much about it, like I do with the other one. OK, so it’s more of a tote bag, really!

Otherwise… what goes in my introvert Goddess creativity purses are the following:

My Kindle (affiliate link). I never leave home without it. I love the fact that I have almost a whole library in my purse at all times, and that I can choose the exact right book whenever I need it. I can sneak in a little reading time whenever I have the chance, and just knowing that I can makes me so happy. Sometimes I read in the car (when someone else is driving, of course), while I wait for a concert or a play to start, or when my daughter is off playing somewhere.

I have crocheted a cover to protect it and keep it safe. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to my precious Kindle!

Then, I have my note books. The black one is my to-do-list book, and the green one is my everything-else book, where I jot down ideas, quotes and thoughts during the day. Especially handy with the Kindle, if I read something interesting and feel the need to write down my response to that.

What I love about these particular note books, is that they are hard backed and can take a punch, and that the sheets are lined on only the right side, leaving the left side blank. Perfect for both right- and left brained activities!

To make the introvert survival kit complete, I also have my cell phone with me at all times, with my music on Spotify and the earphones to go with it. Makes for a perfect introvert break whenever I need it, together with the Kindle (the earphones work with that, too). Also, my wallet, a few pens and a lip balm. Must-haves.

The cell phone is logically not on the picture, since I used it to actually take the picture. Which is another reason why I always have it with me, apart from the obvious reason – I can take pictures with it, and upload it to my Instagram account, which then sends it directly to my Twitter and my Facebook page. It’s nice to stay in touch while on the go.


Let’s see… what else have we got?

Ah, yes. My reading glasses. I’m slightly long sighted, so my eyes tire easily when I read. And since I have my Kindle with me and my note books and everything, the glasses have got to come, too.

Plus, they give me that distant look, my boyfriend says I look like a teacher with them on. Goes well with my introvert theme, I think. «Shut up, the smart lady bookworm is reading!»

And then for the secret Goddess part of my purse.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and have decided to bring with me some crystals. I might have to crochet a small pouch for them to keep them from dancing around and potentially hurting my beloved Kindle. Will do later on today, I think.

The crystals I have chosen, are all cleansers in a way, much needed for a highly sensitive Goddess on the loose, but with different aspects to them. Citrine is a cleanser who is supposed to neutralize the bad vibes and continuously also cleanse the other crystals who comes in touch with it. At the same time, it’s an energy- and creativity booster. The amethyst is a balancer and cleanser in a way, too, while it brings some pleasant harmony to the bunch. And then, the little apache tear… grounding and protecting, it’s supposed to help the carrier release all negative energy, and keeping her safe from harm. All nice crystals to have in a purse, don’t you think?

And lastly, for the Goddess alibi… Since I’ve dedicated this summer to my tarot cards, they really deserve a place in my purse. I have made them a tarot bag out of two layers of silk, so they should be pretty safe in there. I remember when I was younger, when me and my friend used to bring our cards with us wherever we went, and even winded up reading cards for the other students while on a trip. It was nice. I want that again. So into my purse they go, if only for meditation purposes or for whenever I feel the need to study them.

So there you go. The contents of my purse.

What’s in yours? 🙂

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