Goddess Haven eCourse, Week 2

I had intended, originally, to follow the Goddess Haven eCourse (affiliate link) week by week. You know, nicely organized and all, in the spirit of managing the chaos that is my casa.

But then life happened.

Or to be more exact: THIS happened.



This, my dear reader, is All the Boxes with All My Books, kindly brought to me by my ex. I have missed them, I was happy to see them safe and sound in my new home. But it kinda halted my Goddess Haven eCourse attendance for a while, as I was busy packing out and stacking books.

But at least I got the boxes required for continuing with the eCourse: one each for throwing away, donating, and replacing – plus, I added one for things I want to sell on Facebook or something later on.

I had decided that I wanted to start with the bathroom, so I was more than happy to discover that Leonie had thought of the same thing in week 2 of her eCourse. Off into the bathroom I went, with boxes at hand and with everything I needed to clean out the drawers and the cabinets.

It was so wonderful to see it go, all the nail polishes and empty bottles I have kept hanging around for whatever reason – they even made it to this apartment when I moved, I can’t even imagine why!

Then, I looked around to see what I could do to Goddess it up a little in there.

So I decided to stay true to my dream of natural living, and started crocheting washable pads for my facial care.

And then I bought a pink scented candle for beauty and atmosphere.

Then, my eagle eyes spotted a quite empty space on top of my cabinet.


Something green, maybe?

So I went shopping, and came home with a perfect Aloe Vera. And then I put a beautiful glass bottle right next to it.


I like my bathroom so much better now. It’s clean, it’s organized, and it has some Goddess beauty added to it as well.

So much more inspiring when you are to pamper yourself a bit! 🙂

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