Full Moon Writings

Today, I’m aiming to start a new tradition on this blog. I’m a bit scared now, actually, because this means I will be committing more to my creative writing habit, and it may also mean that I might have to do it all on my own, if you guys don’t like it! But, as I’m learning, fear and resistance hit the hardest where you most need to push through, so here goes… 🙂

Inspired by Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboards, I’ve been wanting to start a similar habit for those of us who have more of a writer’s heart. As much as I love dreamboards, it’s really creative writing that makes my heart sing, and that’s what I want to do.

So, Ladies (and Gents, if you’re out there!), I give you Full Moon Writings!

This is how it works:

Today (or actually, early tomorrow morning if you live in my neck of the woods) is the New Moon, leading up to the Full Moon early in August. That day, the moon will be in Aquarius, so our theme will be «Positive Freedom». On the days leading up to the full moon, you can meditate, dream, and think about what positive freedom means to you.

And then, as the moon is getting fuller, you write this down as a piece of beautiful fiction or poetry. Really feel into your sense of freedom, paint pictures and sing songs with your words, and make it into a powerful manifestation, fueled by the full moon energy. You can even print it out and place it on your altar with a crystal grid on top of it, or design your own creative, full moon ritual, if you want!

On the day of the Full Moon, which will be August 1st or 2nd, depending on where you are in the worl (check a moon calendar), I will publish a new post here, where you can add your link if you want to release your lovely piece of writing on your blog.

Then, we can all go visit each other on the Full Moon night and the day after, fueling all the creative full moon writings with our positive energy and wishes, helping each other along on the way to manifesting our dream lives.

I’ll post reminders on Twitter, so if you’re there, you can follow me to get them!

Have a glorious new moon, and have fun with your full moon writings!  🙂

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