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I Want to Be Fierce

29. februar 2012

I want to be fierce.

I reclaim my goddess given right to snarl at those who wish to deprive my of my freedoms. Who want to tell me I am anything less than what I am.

And to bite so-called reality in the ass.

I want to be fierce.

Protecting my beautiful cub from anyone and anything who wants to harm her and take away her creativity and joy of life. Pushing through blocks for myself, while making paths for her

if she decides to walk in her mama’s footprints.

I want to be fierce.

Diving deep down into the shadowy, dark depths within. Grasping my demons by their horns and go on a wild dragon flight with them. I do not need to hide them, nor do I need to destroy them

being confident enough to have them on my employee list.

I want to be fierce.

Using my voice, stating my case and standing my ground whenever I see my darlings being attacked. Environmentalism. Parenting. Justice. Life.

I want to be fierce.

I am fierce.


{This post was written as a contribution to Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday.}

Creative Commons License photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³


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