How to Connect with Nature Through Sensual Awareness

One of the biggest problems in the world right now, is that humans tend to see nature as something outside of themselves, something they need to go look for (or keep away from). Human kind is separated from nature, because of centuries with philosophy and religion telling us that our souls needed to be freed from earthly matters, in order to rise beyond and be reconnected with the divine. So, we gradually lost contact with our bodies, in search of our divine souls.

In this day and age, so much is based on how we think about things, how we plan, how we strategize, and how we process knowledge with our brains alone. This depends on what you do for a living, of course, but if you are a student like me, or you spend your working hours in front of a computer or with pen and paper, you know what I mean.

But do you know what? The division from the olden days between soul and body needs to go. Now we know that the two are connected and intertwined – if one goes out of balance, the other is sure to follow. Mental stress can manifest as physical pain, and physical illness will make your mind work slower. Ideally, they would both be in balance, on their own and with each other.

If you are eager to connect with nature, there is one thing that is so obvious that most of us miss it:

Your body IS nature.

It is 100% natural; a living, breathing presence of nature in your everyday life.

One of the most effective way to reconnect with nature, is thus to reconnect with yourself, and remember to get inside your body and out of your head on a regular basis, to counteract the brain’s dominance with a sensual presence in your world. Some of us do this naturally, while others may have to remind themselves of it from time to time, and make an effort to break that «brain/body-barriere».

There are so many things you can do to become more sensually aware of your body. Ideally, you would start each day with some physical exercise of some kind, maybe go walking, do some yoga, dancing or other kind of movement, just to awaken the body to a new day before your mind takes over the show. You could also take a long shower or a bath, and be fully present in the experience of water on your skin. And if you put on some bodylotion (organic, of course!) and natural perfume to stimulate the senses throughout the day, it will keep you a bit grounded. It doesn’t even have to be an entirely new routine from what you already do, as long as you make sure you are consciously aware of your body and able to appreciate what your senses are telling you. Sensual awareness is the key.

On a much larger scale, this is what the world is so in desperate need of in this time we’re living in. Our bodies are nature, and by being connected to our bodies, we will in turn be connected to the Earth and feel her to a much greater degree than we, the brainiacs, do now. If we really start listening to our bodies, we may be able to listen with our bodies as well.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Charlotte McKnight


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  1. You are so right. We humans have forgotten the true nature of sensual experience. We have outside stimulation, distraction, entertainment, advertising, religion and the dominator culture. Each of us needs re-connection, but it will come. And in that moment of clear understanding when we KNOW we are part of the universe, everything changes for the better!

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