No More Compromises

These last few days have been quite mind-blowing to me. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About myself. About business. About life. And I’ve reached a decision: I’m not making any more compromises. The funny thing is, I really thought I weren’t making them to begin with – you know, Wild Woman and all, being used to going my own way – but I must have forgotten to put on my glasses or something when I looked for them the last time. They were there, alright.

This time around they were so cleverly disguised. They had disguised themselves as sweet, lovely and peaceful angels, oozing from pure spirituality and love for the Universe. That’s all very fine and dandy indeed, and I don’t judge people believing in them or working with angel energy – but for me, it’s not enough. Allowing myself to slip into that energy and to forget about the rawness of nature is betraying my authenticity. I believe in the positive. But I also embrace the negative, and seek to find a balance, like nature herself does.

I’ve also been thinking about how to present this blog and my message to you all. I’ve decided I’m not going to gloss it up to try to have it fit in to any kind of niche or style for the sake of marketing or for placing myself under any given tag. I’m not glossy. Life isn’t, neither, and nature is far from it sometimes. So this blog is not going to be.

So there you have it, then. You’re going to get all of me, and not just the lovely parts, from now on. See, I have also been thinking a lot lately about who I want to be. And I do want to be that warm, spiritual, loving and beautiful woman – but I also want to be fierce, protective and even cruel when I have to. I truly, deeply believe that the destructive forces in our nature (both outside and in) are just as important as the constructive ones. Nothing can grow if nothing ever dies.


Here’s to embracing all sides of ourselves!

Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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  1. YEAH! Go you! It can be so easy to slip into that place of casual not caring in the pursuit of making your message and/or your Self palatable to others. Eff that.

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