What to Want for Christmas

Christmas is less than two months away, and many of us have already started the preparations – especially if we aim to make homemade presents this year. But there are also other things to be considered if we want to make Christmas as green and environmental friendly as humanly possible. One of those things is the consumerism and the mentality of having to buy just for the sake of buying itself.

The fact of the matter is: It doesn’t make that much difference to buy earth friendly presents or to make them yourself if it all ends up as unwanted clutter in the recipient’s home just the same.

One thing you can do right now, is to make your green Christmas wish list. This is not being greedy, this is simply allowing people you already know will spend time and money on getting you a gift, to get you something green, something useful, or something that will actually enhance your natural lifestyle. Chances are, your lifestyle is so alien to them, that they won’t have the faintest idea what to give you – unless you tell them. It’s also a nice, non-intrusive way to introduce them to your values and beliefs, clearing the way for more conversations in the future, when you tell them how grateful you are for what they gave you, and how it makes your life so much better.

There are many green things one can wish for for Christmas. Here’s a sample of mine:

  • sewing materials
  • knitting sticks and crochet needles in bamboo
  • used fabrics of all sorts
  • dried herbs
  • essential oils
  • gift card for books
  • used books
  • homemade cloth pads to replace those makeup remover cotton pads
  • seeds for the herbal bed I plan to make in the spring (there is still time to gather them in the wild!)
  • cuttings from an aloe vera plant
  • homemade natural soaps
  • a drop spindle and some wool
  • a coupon for someone to wash my windows around easter time
  • a coupon for someone to help me dig out the garden stairs from a pile of earth when the frost goes
  • linen napkins for the table

I’m sure you can find many more suggestions, tailored to your own everyday life!

Once you make your green Christmas wish list, you can print it out or even publish it on your blog or as a Facebook note. Make sure to explain why you are doing this, and make sure you ask your friends and family to make theirs, too. This will make it so much easier for everyone to actually buy or make the right gifts that will be loved, used and appreciated.

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  1. I love this article as well. Amazing ideas of things to ask for. Most are things that are very useful in sustaining a green lifestyle. Very clever 🙂

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