Changing with the Seasons

I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to go for about three months in one mode, with a definitive shift in my body and soul after these months have passed. It has been that way for so many years now, and I just had it down as me being unable to keep stable and patient – but today one thing finally clicked in place for me. What if this three month shift I keep experiencing is actually my body and soul connecting with nature? What if our inner animal simply knows it’s time to change with the seasons, to be able to adapt fully to the life giving nature?

We know we are changing with the daylight. The human body responds with the stress hormone cortisol in the morning, and with the sleep hormone melatonin in the night. That’s why we wake up, and that’s why we sleep at night. As women, we also change with the lunar cycle. Our menstrual cycle is about 28 days long – the exact same length as the moon’s cycle from new to full and to dark moon again.

As I mentioned a few days ago, it’s easy to gain weight in the autumn, too, as nature has provided us with the urge to stack up on fat, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to prepare for winter.

It makes a lot of sense that we are changing with the seasons, doesn’t it? For me it looks like a sudden need to get my house in order in the fall, so that I can snuggle up and drink gallons of hot chocolate as winter approaches, whereas in the spring I can’t even stand to stay home – then I need to be in constant movement, to shake winter off. But when the summer comes, my mode changes again. I’m getting calmer, and need to rest more during the day as I don’t get as much sleep as I need due to the long days and short nights (I live in Norway, and although we don’t get actual midnight sun this far south, I still feel it in my body). As soon as the seasons are changing again, my good sleep comes back, and I need to catch up a bit before I’m able to fully surrender to the autumn storms and draw energy from them.

This year we had a crappy summer here in Norway. A friend of mine actually counted the sunny days, and she counted nine of them, all in all. NINE. I kid you not. And it’s starting to take its toll, because I register that more of us are more tired this autumn than usual. None of us got enough vitamin D, I think, unless it was taken as a supplement or the summer was spent somewhere else. I fear the winter depressions might be coming like pearls on a string this year, and I should really start preparing both for my own sake and for my beloved one’s. Luckily, I managed to collect some St. John’s wort earlier this autumn.

The seasons probably affect us more than we are aware of, now that most of us are living like caged animals out of our natural habitat, but that doesn’t make it less real. It might actually be wise to take notes, though, and to get re-aquainted with the natural, seasonal rhythm we all are a part of. It would make life a bit more predictable, and it would allow us to take the necessary precaution if something is off (like the Norwegian summer this year).

It would also be a great idea to use this to connect even deeper with nature, to honor our natural instincts and to tune in to them as they change with the seasons, celebrating our inner animal and thus living an even more natural life.

How about you? Do you change with the seasons? Have you noticed a pattern yet? How do you honor that cycle? Please share in the comment field below!

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0 thoughts on “Changing with the Seasons

  1. February 27th, 2013

    You are so right, Nienna, about our connections to the seasons!! I feel exactly what you are conveying about how we change in our soul with the seasons….Bringing this realization to the forefront of our thinking, helps to connect with the feelings that are so real within the core of us….helps us to understand better, and, therefore, appreciate life even more!! Thank You!!

    Happy Seasons,


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