To My Beloved Nature

To My Beloved Nature…

As society around me this Valentine’s Day, is raving about romantic love, I’ve decided to do something differently. I’ve decided to celebrate my one, true, undying love. For you.

You are the reason for my life. If it weren’t for you, I’d have no air to breathe, no foods to eat, no water to quench my thirst. And I love you for it, even though I sometimes seem to take all that you do for granted.

I know they have been harming you over the last centuries. And I know that I, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes by choice, have been part of that more often than I dare to think about.

I am so sorry I hurt you, my beloved, and I wish I could take it back and heal the wounds I have inflicted on you. But I can’t even promise I’ll never do it again, for such are the ways of the human race. I cannot deny that. I will promise you, though, that I’ll try. In every way I can, hoping that it will be enough.

But whatever I might be able to do for you, it will never compare to what you’re doing for me every second of every day I’m alive. Maybe that’s why we keep hurting you – like juveniles hurting their mothers, just because they feel the need to become independent of the source of their lives.

I’m done being independent, my beloved. I’m done with the need of hurting you to feel important on my own. What I need now, is to come back to you, within and without. To be with you as much as I can, to learn from you and to soak up your eternal wisdom and make it a part of myself. A part of who I am.

I want to come home. You are my home. And I love you.

My heart aches for you when we are apart. Sometimes, there can be days and even weeks between our meetings, and I feel that in every cell of my body. I start getting restless, my cells itches at their very cores, and I feel like a caged animal on those days. I want to be with you always.

You are my paradise. Living without you… is hell.

They may try to lock me up to keep me away from you, they may try to tell me that I’m something I’m not, and feed me with stuff made on factories and in labs – but it will be to no avail.

I know we belong together forever.

Nothing can change that.

I love you so much!!




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